Discussion: Reid: Men On SCOTUS Need To 'Stop Deciding What Happens To Women'

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Harry, it’s time to tell the senator from the great state of Vermont that he needs to get off the dime and move ALL the fed court nominees through - blue slip or no blue slip.


YES. Democrats must make this point over and over and over. This should become a cornerstone of the 2014 campaign. God knows most voters won’t get the point otherwise.


You tell 'em, Harry! And get all your fellow Senators to do the same. This needs to become a standard Democratic meme. And maybe, just maybe, the media might run with it!


Sad to see the SCOTUS devolved into a tool of corporate interests. This alone should be enough of an issue to elect a progressive president in 2016 and once again stack the senate with Democrats.

I never though I’d live to see such blatant pandering from this branch of government.


Unfortunately the media won’t run with it. People like David Gregory and Wolf Blitzer will all but laugh at it.


Women are going to wash these conservative men right out of their hair…and never vote for a Republican again.

In this court case, young families have been given the best reason in the world to reject the GOP and all their candidates for their entire lifetime. I see a lot of straight party Democratic tickets being cast in the Midterms and from now on.

Who wants a bunch of religious fanatics and Wall Street gamblers dictating the course of your life? The American middle class has been confronted with a new truth in politics today. I think it might make the Silent Majority mad enough to fight back against Republicans.

Overreach is it’s own worst enemy.


Our Supreme Court is nothing but a mouthpiece for corporations and the billionaires who own them, i.e, the Koch brothers, et al.


As usual, Reid just doesn’t get it. Time for him to retire and stop be the Senate clown.

Another witless drive-by post from Libs. Reid has hit the nail on the head.


Bla, bla. I’ve been thinkin". You know, I can’t actually believe you think you are insulting progressives with namecalling “libs”.

Because I would be deeply, deeply ASHAMED to be allied with any part of the right, the religious right, the corporatist right, and any other right wing ideology out there, including the libertarian-bircher version.

I’m going to get a LIBS flag and fly it high as a sign of the decency, humanity, and courage of fellow LIBS.

Whether or not people stuck in the psychology of an adult pre-adolescent will ever comprehend the power of decency, humanity and courage in advocating for the common good.


"If the Supreme Court will not protect women’s access to health care, then Democrats will.

Really they need to keep saying this as loud as possible, and insert whatever Republican tomfoolery of the moment into the first portion of the sentence.

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He’s no more responsible for the leadership of his faith than Catholics are for the leadership of theirs, assuming we make a distinction between personal faith and the religious institution. Yes, they enable the institution to do what they do IF they support its efforts. But many probably do not.

Fuck them…
These pundits and overly paid schlock-jocks in the media don’t cover the positions the public supports in large percentages, at least by doing any justice to those issues. They don’t offer spokespeople or devote even a smidgen of representation by liberal advocates, in any serious number, to reflect the overwhelming popularity on the issues that the Dems are actually winning over with the public. People recognize commonsense when they see it. The media whores are not as important as you may think. Liberals know how to get around these assholes that want to control the narrative if they so choose. They’ve done it in two of the last Presidential elections. President Obama was criticized for using non-traditional means of getting his message out when he ran for election, and avoiding traditional media because of their rightwing bias…and those in the MSM whined and whined.

A national campaign on these issues is still the best unifying force-multiplier against the big-money interests and retrograde social engineering being done by these Dominionist lamebrain Republicans. That also includes the monopoly of rightwing corporate media ownership that keeps conflict a selling-point over real news. If all politics is reduced to tribalism…I want to belong to a party or fucking tribe that stands for human rights, civil rights, women’s rights, and minority rights. The other guys simply don’t.


actually, harry, religious zealots should be removed from decision making that impacts the laws of the country.

Clueless RWNJ has it all wrong as usual.

It actually works both ways.

Men decide and have been deciding what happens to women for as far back as history records.


Women decide and have been deciding what happens to men for as far back as history records.

It’s not going to stop, in either direction, anytime soon. To think that it’s going to stop is crazy.

But Harry knows this he is just political pandering. But I do want my Senate Majority Leader to know how to play politics.

Um, where’d you see that? Please don’t say Genesis.

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The world, my lady, the world.

It’s not a case of ‘us against them’; men and women are in this together, if you haven’t noticed. Women make decisions for men all the time. In fact, in most male/female interactions that I’ve seen women make most of the decisions. Women do most often control the purse-strings in the house, even though they most often make the least money in the house.

If you control the purse, you are making the most decisions.