Discussion: Reagan Shooter To Be Released From Mental Hospital

I wonder how Jodie Foster feels about this. How is it that one is simply ‘no longer plagued with’ schizoid and narcissistic personality disorders? That’s not how it works.

I guess they couldn’t justify keeping Hinckley locked up while Trump roams free.


Yes, it does work that way sometimes. Minds change and he’s not 25 anymore.


Doctors just three years ago said he was still plagued by his disorders when they testified at the hearing seeking outpatient privileges.

Doesn’t seem like a good time for this, whether there is a good diagnosis or not.

He’s had almost 35 years of carefully individualized psychotherapy and drug treatment. For an act that officially calls for the death penalty. Too bad we don’t want to spend those kinds of resources more broadly.

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I really hope shooter Hinkley doesn’t get the insane idea that Ronny Raygun has reincarnated as Tronald Dump. I really hope that is not the case.

How in the world does this happen? He planned and then carried out a plan to assassinate the President of the United States. Not to mention he wounded others, including the devastating, life-changing damage to James Brady.

Will he also regain his full and uninfringed 2nd Amendment rights too?

Can you cite that?

I’m reading a report of the hearing three years ago and the judge found that “…there are no symptoms of psychosis or depression…” and granted him the outpatient privileges he was seeking.

There’s no note of doctors saying anything like “plagued”.

Patterson, the former director of forensics services at St. Elizabeths, said Hinckley continues to suffer from both narcissistic and schizoid personality disorders. He said the latter problem has led Hinckley to be somewhat removed in personal relationships.

Dr. Patterson left the hospital in 2001, is currently faculty at Georgetown. He interviewed Hinckley (after treating him in the past for about 10 years) at the request of the government for the hearing in 2012.