Discussion: 'Ready For Hillary' Movement Gets One Of Its Biggest Endorsements Yet

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and the I Hope she Runs/Ready for Warren PAC still have its smallest endorsement-Me.

Warren 2016


Can Dems please just focus on mitigating disaster in the midterms?!


Just Say No To Hillary.

We don’t need another corporate owned Democrat.

We have two years to find someone other than President Walmart. We need to get Liz Warren to change her mind about running, if she isn’t already on the verge of it. Bernie had said if he runs, it will be to win, which is also encouraging.

Get busy!


Yes - it’s time to dump Hillary and get behind Liz.


Can I, like, not care?

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Good save there, bud. For a second, your slip was showing. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what you are implying - can you explain?

Interesting subtext here. If former Sec.State Clinton becomes the nominee, then both VA US Senators should be on “the list” of 10-15 potential VP’s. If that happens and one becomes VP, then Gov. McAulliffe (D) gets to appoint a Senator. [Kaine as VA Governor was a very early endorser of Obama; I do not recall if Sen. Warner endorsed anyone; Obama did very well in the VA primary.] I am certain that if a sitting Senator is selected, there must be a good assurance that the replacement will be a Democrat.

Fortunately, there are a whole lot of very capable VA Democrats with some demonstrated statewide appeal as well as some good potential placeholders whatever may be decided. The Republican bench at present is rather thin.

The open seat 10th District race between Foust (D) and Comstock ® is very important for several reasons. One pertinent here is that Comstock is being groomed by the national Republican big money types to run against Kaine in 2018 with the 10th District race being very important step. Foust announced he was running in mid December 2013 (he is a well respected Fairfax County Supervisor (D)) a month or so before incumbent Wolfe ® made his surprise retirement announcement. Gossip is that pressure was applied to get Wolfe to retire so that Comstock would not have the headwind of Democratic turnout in 2016 and have four years to organize for 2018. Foust is doing very well fundraising and is ahead at present on COH. He will be helped by Senator Warner (D) leading the ticket who needs to run up a good margin in the 10th District. Also, the Democrats are united and the Republicans are split and the Washington Post, in one of the hardest-hitting editorials I recall, denounced Comstock as unfit on numerous policy grounds.

Wouldn’t do any good. Nice edit on that first comment, by the way.


He is just trying to make up for his disloyalty in 2008. He does not want to get hit by a semi named “Hillary”.

Excuse me? What edit are you referring to? Please be specific.

That assumes the semi is the only thing on the road – and if it is, we have a problem. I don’t like coronations. I like debates.

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I would think someone so supportive of Warren would pay attention to her when she speaks. She has already endorsed Hillary.


She has kind of backed off that stance.

Elizabeth Warren: Almost an endorsement of Hillary Clinton 2016

You know, all of the women - Democratic women, I should say, of the Senate - urged Hillary Clinton to run, and I hope she does," Senator Warren responded to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “This Week” Sunday when asked if Clinton was her candidate in 2016.

When Stephanopoulos pushed a second time, asking if Warren would endorse a Clinton 2016 run, Warren responded, “Hillary is terrific.”

There is still plenty of time.

One that is not much of a back off. And two Warren is not running. Look I am not a Hillary fan but this constant pushing for Warren by some after she has so clearly stated NO seems absurd.

On top of that I seriously doubt she has the political chops and ego necessary to get elected

I’m just loving all the trolls congregating at the Hillary story–you MOrons are going to suffer a thousand deaths while she’s inaugurated…take a big bite from your shit sandwich, and chew, chew, chew, and practice saying, “President Hillary Rodham Clinton”.


He would make a good VP choice for Hillary.

Clinton-Kaine 2016!

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We are over two years out. What’s absurd is the unchallenged ascendancy of Queen Walmart.

No, there really isn’t plenty of time. Hilary is already lining up the premier talent, is in the process of locking down a serious warchest with top notched Dem donors.Any Dem looking to run against her that is still sitting on the sidelines contemplating their navel is putting their campaign at a serious disadvantage.

And of course the biggest problem is fighting the Hilary Inevitability syndrome. The longer she goes without the public seeing her with some sort of serious competition, the more likely it is that she WILL be the nominee.

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