Discussion: READ: Federal Indictment Against Oregon Occupiers Unsealed

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Wow… So it appears that this is a conspiracy planned back in November ?

Is that right.?


Whoever wrote that indictment must have had a pressing dental appointment. I’ve never read a legal doc to concise, to the point and short.


Damn…I was hoping for a surprise appearance by Cliven Bundy.


That’s hilarious. So they’d been planning this caper for more than a month, they were expecting thousands of patriots to join them, and still no one thought to bring enough snacks to last a few weeks? These people couldn’t be trusted to plan a weekend camping trip.


Banta poodoo!

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Does this indictment include any of the 4 still in there? If so, there goes their “safe passage” demand, and it ramps up the possibility of a violent ending.

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Humpback: Does this indictment include any of the 4 still in there?
yes, it does

Testament that few so willingly and easily line up for the pokey.

I was hoping Blaine Cooper would be among those indicted. Rumor about him being an informant could be true?

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So much for the blanket pardon, huh?


Yes, as Jackster noted, it includes the four still at the refuge, plus the idiot who drove the stolen F&WS truck to the grocery store.

The indictments also refer to the defendants “brandishing” firearms. This brings the possible sentences up from “up to but no more than six years” and triggers mandatory minimums in 18 U.S. Code section 924. Now we’re talking a minimum of 7 years for those who had just handguns, 10 years for those doing it with rifles or shotguns, and up to 15 years if any of them were found with armor-piercing ammo. It goes even higher if there were explosives, silencers, etc.

So yeah, instead of just Sean being arrested on an outstanding bench warrant, their stupid stunt means all four remaining holdouts are under indictment. Plus this doesn’t even begin to include the other charges which can be brought, including destruction of federal property, illegally tampering with federal computers, and so on.


Curious, and know there are legal experts here: can additional charges be brought? Like destruction of government property, e.g… Seems there are lots of other laws these criminal domestic terrorists would be eligible to be charged with at a later point. Is this all there is?

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Link in article isn’t working

Not an expert, but I’ve been following the case closely… Yes, other charges can be brought. These just ensure those in custody can continue to be held without preliminary hearings AND ensures there will be warrants for the arrests of anyone not yet in custody.


Your post appears to have answered my question: bury these criminals in so many charges they’ll be begging to plead out for lesser sentences. Excellent!

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id like to hear more about this too. these nuts are growing in number and are true believers. this is a real threat to america. i hope the feds see it that way and treaat it that way


Thank you, BeccaM. Hope their final “rap sheets” stretch down to Cliven’s Nevada crime scene.

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According to Oregonian article, additional charges are expected. Didn’t they say in a You Tube that they had explosives?


Ammon Bundy’s head go BOOM!