Discussion: READ: Comey Opening Statement To Recount Private Talks With Trump

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Wow. Did you just scoop the Washington Post and the NY Times?
I’m not seeing this anywhere else right now.


Wow. So yeah, that’s obstruction of justice. And Comey might have saved the US Democracy by having the foresight to record these interactions in such detail.

Trump can start having nightmares immediately.


I felt compelled to document my first conversation with the President-Elect in a memo. To ensure accuracy, I began to type it on a laptop in an FBI vehicleoutside Trump Tower the moment I walked out of the meeting. Creating written records immediately after one-on-one conversations with Mr. Trump was mypractice from that point forward.

I can recall nine one-on-one conversations with President Trump in four months – three in person and six on the phone.

So, nine concurrent written records.

Twitter rant trigger starts from here…

The President began by asking me whether I wanted to stay on as FBI Director, which I found strange because he had already told me twice in earlier conversations that he hoped I would stay, and I had assured him that I intended to. He said that lots of people wanted my job and, given the abuse I had taken during the previous year, he would understand if I wanted to walk away.

My instincts told me that the one-on-one setting, and the pretense that this was our first discussion about my position, meant the dinner was, at least in part, an effort to have me ask for my job and create some sort of patronage relationship. That concerned me greatly, given the FBI’s traditionally independent status in the executive branch.

This is quite something. Read the whole thing…


The dinner reads like it’s straight out of a bad conspiracy or mafia novel, Trump being the cartoonish villain or mob boss who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, talking in what he thinks is safe innuendo-laden code-speak that’s really just so fucking obvious in its implications and subtext that a grade-schooler could fucking decipher it. Fucking pathetic.



that thing

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OMG, I admit to being a petty, petty child but I do love the fact that Comey’s first meeting with PeePee was to discuss the pee pee tapes!

How embarrassing and uncomfortable!



Dynamite stuff. Way to go TPM.


"He said he had nothing to do with Russia, had not been
involved with hookers …

… in Russia …"


It on NBC/MSNBC - being dissected right now.


Nailed it!


That’s pretty damning, but the R’s will find a way to make it not matter.


The way its going, I dont think much is going to happen as Republicans dont seem eager to govern as their base is still with Trump.


I explained that we had briefed the leadership of Congress on exactly which individuals we were investigating and that we had told those Congressional leaders that we were not personally investigating President Trump. I reminded him I had previously told him that. He repeatedly told me, “We need to get that fact out.” (I did not tell the President that the FBI and the Department of Justice had been reluctant to make public statements that we did not have an open case on President Trump for a number of reasons, most importantly because it would create a duty to correct, should that change.)

He’s being very careful there. Of course, expect Trump to focus on the fact that Comey admits confirming there was no investigation of him (AT THE TIME).


Republican response:

Just locker room talk. No big deal.


I don’t really think even this will be enough to bring Trump down. There are members of the media right now claiming that, because Comey didn’t specifically say this was obstruction of justice, it can be easily explained/justified (and it isn’t FOX news saying this).


It’s textbook obstruction of justice.

Once Comey reads that tomorrow, Trump is on borrowed time. Even the reading of it is just a formality. It’s already out into the ether now (massive banner on CNN).

Really, I know it’s hard to have faith in this, but Trump is doomed. Firing Comey sealed his fate.


Josh noted that Donnie sounded ragged and angry at his speech in Ohio - perfect mood for some tweetin’!


Also, this pretty much confirms that Russian hookers are indeed a part of the tale.


Contemporaneous notes are admissible as evidence (in court, not Congress)
Comey’s Memos Were a Product of a Culture of Note-Keeping