Discussion: Rand Says LGBT Discrimination Laws Not Needed: Many Places 'Will Hire You'

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Ok, so some companies will hire you if you are gay. The problem is that some companies will fire you if you are gay. If that isn’t discrimination, then I don’t know what is.


Are they allowed to discriminate against Christians as well, Rand?


Yada yada still selling the same old same old hate Rand Paul. Zero points and F-minus for originality.




How are my husband and I, thirty years together, supposed to keep it in “our house” when the banks and the government discriminated making it impossible for the two of us to own a home together just a couple of decades ago?

When I came out in 1974, my mother shrieked, “You will die alone!” You are trying to make sure that happens by erasing the last 30 years of our lives.

So you may never speak of your wife or children in any manner.


¨Let them eat cake¨, he continued; ¨after all, there are plenty of positions in the hair styling, interior design and floral fields available as we speak!¨


Is he still not aware that his mike is on and we can hear him?


Clown Boy still thinks we need to do away with all equal access laws because the market place will keep businesses from keeping blacks away from the lunch counters…


He officially Does Not Get It.


“The senator added that plenty of companies will hire gay people and that many employers have established rules prohibiting discrimination against LGBT individuals.”

The senator added that plenty of apartment complexes will rent to black people and that many cities have established rules prohibiting discrimination against black individuals.

There, FIFY, Rand.

More glibertarian nonsense from the Randster. Employers won’t discriminate against gays out of the goodness of their hearts and banks will regulate themselves and the free market makes for a level playing-field and if you leave your tooth under your pillow the Tooth Fairy will come and leave you lots of money (say, a quarter).

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights … That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, …

There you have it, Rand, straight from the Founders’ mouths: The purpose of government is to secure the equal rights of all its citizens. It’s a self-evident truth. Saying the government doesn’t need to guarantee anyone’s rights is about as un-American as you can get.


“It sets up a whole industry for people who want to sue,” Paul continued, arguing that it would give those who “happen to be gay” and get fired a “reason” to sue their former employer.
“People don’t put up a sign and say, ‘I’m firing you because you’re gay.’ It’s something that’s very much disputed,” he said.

And in such a dispute, the employer’s word should be gospel!



Given his stance on Blacks and lunch counters, I would think his opposition to any governmental protections for LGBT individuals in the work place would be a given, because [Insert free market/invisible hand bullshit salad].


Paul went on to add that Business also can fire people for being Black if they wish. No govt regulation is needed. He also supports small government and applauds Kim Davis’s decision to not issue license to the special class of The Gays.

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Isn’t this just a pitiful cry for help or attention?

WHY would GAY want TO work wHERE GAY areN"T wELCOME??? AS A NORMAL PERsoN NOT INTO the GAY LIFEstyle, I would"T GO TO A GAY BAr!111!!!one!11!!!

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Thought he said earlier that you are not to take your same sex marriage into the workplace ?

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Sure, keep the anti-discrimination laws for LGBT on the books, they will be routinely circumvented and ignored just like age discrimination laws.