Discussion: Rand Paul Retweets Fake Photo Of Aurora Shooter Saying 'Stand With Rand'

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The Mouse that Tweeted…



This group of Republican Presidential hopefuls will be the biggest collection of malignantly mendacious and enthusiastically pro-ignorance candidates in our history. That’s to be expected given that the GOP is a de facto theocratic party.


That’s wrong. Photoshop shouldn’t be abused to link people to a total nutjob like this. Someone owes an apology to that shooter guy.


Stupid is as stupid does.

Well, I will certainly save THAT shot for future use. ‘Mass Murderers’ Stand With Rand!

Desperate for endorsements.

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And THAT is why you should hire a politically savvy and current events aware social media director and not just promote the cute intern who has a Twitter account.


ROFLOL!! Best laugh I’ve had in awhile.

Retweet reused images with Ryand, Yeah 2016!

Rand Paul for President?

Wasn’t he that guy who lied about stuff?

Well, substantially. There’s constant shifting between the theocrats and the plutocrats who con them.

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