Discussion: Rand Paul Responds To Ferguson: 'We Must De-Militarize The Police'

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Rand Paul is a clown, but he’s correct here. Kudos to him. But he had a habit of saying insane things not too long ago, it sounds like he’s trying to appeal to moderates so he can run for President.


“Anyone who thinks that race does not still, even if inadvertently, skew the application of criminal justice in this country is just not paying close enough attention to the racist attitudes my Father and I advocate,”

There, fixed it for you Rand.


Why do I keep reading about the Teapublicans getting out in front of this issue? First Cruz, now Paul. Where the hell are the Dems talking about this? Just crickets!


Really?!? It had to be shitbird to first say it?!? Why couldn’t it have been someone with actual gravitas or bona fides?


I have to agree with him, a broken clock IS correct twice a day. Democrats…Hillary…better deal with this or else the Rand Paul’s of the world will own this issue. It’s an issue that is very important to a large swath of the Democratic constituency, perhaps not in the white suburbs, certainly in urban areas. I fear Paul would make mince meat of Hillary in a debate about this issue, I have to assume Hillary is a knee jerk defender of authority in a matters like these.


“Not surprisingly, big government has been at the heart of the problem.”

Oh right, blame an amorphous “BIG GOVMENT” and ignore defense contractor welfare programs which are obliterating our budget and poisoning both GOP and Dem.


Yes. Clearly the federal government and big government is to blame for the actions of local police force. If only the feds got out of the way, the Ferguson PD wouldn’t be forced to overreact.

We should probably just privatize our police forces just to be safe.

And just to be safe, we probably shouldn’t get the DoJ or federal government involved in investigating the Ferguson PD or in helping to regulate the actions of local police forces to make sure that this shit isn’t happening.

In conclusion the feds and big government is to blame for everything bad that happens, even when it happens within local government, and that is why government is bad and everything should be privatized and left entirely to local governments.


Sometimes being “First!” really counts. Shitbagger though he is, he’s right.

Edit: Missed the blurbs from McCaskill and Warren at first. Still Paul is calling for demilitarizing police forces, not just the situation in Ferguson. Big difference.


Ferguson is what happens when the Clive Bundy types become cops.


Very interesting to see Cruz and #RANPaul run away from this. Two conclusions: (a) were there any question, they’re both running for POTUS in '16; (b) Limbaugh and similar psychopaths scream bloody murder. My guess is that hate-radio savages Rand but gives Ted a pass (they still think because he’s Canadian/Cuban that he can win crucial Latino/a votes in '16).


Really? Crickets from the Dems on this issue? You may want to check your cognitive bias.


Claire McCaskill and Elizabeth Warren are crickets?


Neither one of them are running for President.



So they are crickets to you then?


Its low hanging fruit. He knows that this particular genie is already out of the bottle and all he is doing is fretting about it on the sidelines and clutching his pearls.

When he decides to write a bill addressing the issue, then I will start to take notice.


Did he steal that from McCaskilll?

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I didn’t say crickets. I’m glad McCaskill spoke out, it is her state. And I very much respect Warren.

I’m also glad Obama is speaking about it now.

I’m disappointed that many high profile Dems can’t put out generic mealy mouthed condemnations of what’s occuring like even Ted Cruz managed to do earlier.


Now what I do find interesting, and a bit sad on several levels, is as predicted…

…after two national media reporters get arrested, suddenly everyone wants to discuss Ferguson. Just look at the number of articles that TPM is posting here today on Ferguson.

Its sad that it takes that for this to happen besides the obvious reason (an unarmed boy getting gunned down in the streets followed by daily protests met with overwhelming militarized force should have more than enough reason for this to crack into the national consciousness, but…) but its also sad because it just reaffirms that reporters are the story these days.


If only I could just vote for the parts of politicians that I like.