Discussion: Rand Paul: Raul Labrador Would Be 'A Great Leader'

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Leader of what? Obstruction? I don’t think the House would change under either McCarthy or Labrador, but McCarthy might make the GOP seem more sane and reasonable (he’s from California, after all, and wants immigration reform for his constituency’s big farmers) than Labrador who seems to represent nothing but “No, no, no, no, no no no.”

Remember that the tea party guy who just won in Virginia is preaching that anyone who works for the government is a sinner. --That’s the kind of crowd the tea partiers in the House are playing to. (Also, chillingly, we should recall that the 15 year old who shot and killed a student in Oregon just now was a devout Mormon who intended to kill sinners.)

Throw the bums out.

“…I think Labrador would be a great leader…”

And if I’m wrong, I’ll change my opinion and threaten anyone who accuses me of ever thinking differently. I’m a Republican Congressman.


Popcorn over here please.

Thus spake Senator Ayn Cornpone, the phony doctor with a pube wig on his head…


…The PaulRaul mutual adumbration society.

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“I think Labrador would be a great leader.”

Which shows how much ophthalmologists know about leadership.


Now, now, Li’l Norphan Randy has a great vision for the national party, with himself leading it.

Onward Teaban soldiers, marching as to war//With the bong of Buddha going on before!

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Look everyone, handyrandy is taking a political stance for freedumb.

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I wouldn’t trust Randy to be the deckhand on a lifeboat…

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Randy, I would have to disagree. Mr Labridor is about as far right wing as is possible in elected American politics. And that ain’t good.

“Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) offered some support to Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) on Friday in his underdog bid to become House majority leader.”

Heh. Underdog.

On Mars, maybe.