Discussion: Rally Crowd Screams 'Lock Her Up!' While Trump Associates Face Sentencing, Guilty Plea

GOP corruption is not a ‘bug’. It is a feature!

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This goes far beyond corruption. Putin has made considerable progress in running this country thanks to his puppet that shares all of Putin’s interests.

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“Lock her up” I hope they mean Ivanka.


Rally Crowd Screams ‘Lock Her Up’ ala Jonestown!

‘Lock Her Up!’

That’s all they have left…and pretty much ever had…oh and a dip!

West Virginia…

Say no more…

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They were going to shout “Rend Her Limb from Limb and Put Her Head on a Pike” but most of them thought that was ‘too elitist’. “Lock Her Up” was easier.

Hey …

I’ve heard that W V is a nice place to visit …