Discussion: Quinnipiac Poll: Clinton Has Double Digit Lead Over Trump Nationally

But … but … what about …

I’m tellin’ ya ! … She ain’t gettin’ my teddy bear … Damn it ! ----

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Also, too, RCP has her in single digits negatives for approval. Her approval is at 43.3, and her disapproval at 53.0. That means she’s at a -9.7 approval spread. Single digits.


So basically Hillary will crush her enemies, see them driven before her, hear the lamentations of their menfolk. That is good! Dominance politics in action.


It’s a national poll, but still encouraging. I fully expect the merger between AP and Breitbart to be completed by the end of next week to prevent the horse race from becoming a boat race.


I would love to know what the polling was in the first few days of polling versus the last few days. I’m wondering if opinions of Trump especially are hardening and no amount of “OMG Emails” stories will sway Clinton voters to Trump.


Comforting, but not news. At this point, I am more worried about how soon the GOP will impeach President Clinton.

The “SAD!” for Trump is, Quinnipiac has a pro-republican slant (and always has) due to the way they construct the polling.
Taking that into account, the lead is more likely in the 12-15 point range (which is approaching Reagan '84 territory.)

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I just wanted to point out something Josh said in his editorial post on polling in FL today.

The two polls he mentioned, I assume, are Cherry (an unknown republican based polling group) and the Florida Atlantic University poll. The FAU poll in particular, it needs to be pointed out, is registered voters, not likely voters. And its about the only poll I see at this point in the game that is still using registered voters instead of a likely voter screen.

The Saint Leo University poll that used likely voters released on Tuesday has Hillary up 14…and that’s with Johnson and Stein being included (yes, she is even north of 50% at 52%).

Both the FAU nd the Saint Leo poll show Rubio and Murphy winning their respective primaries by landslides.

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I was reading on twitter that this Q poll showed that 90% of respondents are solid in their choices now. That indicates a hardening in the numbers happening relatively quickly, and as even many republican strategists have been saying…the damage is already done.


Its even worse for Trump…cause he isn’t even on the ballot in Minnesota! (the one state that Mondale won that year)


I was jumping from link to link over the weekend and don’t remember names of each site but it was common wisdom on the right that Trump is actually in the lead but that those polls are being suppressed.

They believe that right after the, Regret, speech everything suddenly turned and there was about a 16 point switch. Trump moved from 8 down to 8 up but the liberal media is only pushing polling just prior to the massive turnaround.
A fresh Quinni Poll showing Hillary by double digits has got to be a double brain exploder for them. Now what do they believe?

Of course, a good many of them also believe that it doesn’t matter at all because Hillary is on the verge of indictment. Verge meaning someday I guess because that verge has already come and gone numerous times.

And, this is really becoming a wipeout, I love it!

Bah! If only we’d nominated a True Progressive, she’d be twenty points ahead!


Does it seem that Gary Johnson’s support that was in the low teens seems to be eroding a bit over time as well, with Clinton appearing to be picking up those points? Bodes well.

Best Conan quote ever!!!

…the verge of an indictment, or brain aneurism, or postmenopausal hormone collapse…

Here’s one for Larry Wilmore… this next election isn’t the unblackening, it is the unpenising…

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And then what, re-white penising?
They don’t want to go back to bush and so, they are stuck with Reagan because who the flop else do they have to go back to?

If the righties could see past their hateful snouts, they’d realize what Donald Trump is and would do to the nation that they claim to love.
The term, be careful what you ask for, would never be more relevant.

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Hillary! What is best in life?

hate is all consuming… one cannot see past it.

I’ll take your word on that ; )