Discussion: Questions Linger Over Charges For Indiana Man Who Threatened Alt-Right

The indictment itself seems like a false flag, intended to fail. I may be slipping down that rabbit hole of seeing conspiracies where none exist. Maybe.

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Did anyone really expect that a man named Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III would go after white supremacists? Not only is he named after Jefferson Davis and P.G.T. Beauregard, he is the third man in his family to be named after the President of the Confederacy and one of it’s revered generals. Little Jeffy Sessions comes from a long and proud line of white supremacists.


Ckuld be selective prosecution based on his political alignment, but also could be that it was really easy to track him down or that there was a concerted effort by those on 4chan to gather a lot of evidence, dump it in law enforcement’s lap, and then start making noise about action on the incident.

What does seem clear to me is that the FBI could put every agent they have on similar threats posted on or transmitted through the internet and not begin to make a dent. If this is one of very few prosecuted, the DOJ better have a valid reason for the special treatment. The IG report made mountains out pebbles of personal political leanings even though the IG found no evidence to support accusations that those involved performed in a biased manner.


How is it not completely obvious, he’s been singled out as a liberal troll who took a

few digs at President Trump and at Nazis.


It’s more about cover for RW racist assholes (e.g. the Republican base).

It is old hat that Republicans will always project and accuse Democrats of exactly the things the RW is doing.

The large corporate Media companies, having received many giveaways from this administration in tax cuts and allowed mergers and killing Net Neutrality, will dutifully use this to promote “Both-side-ism”.

They will always take care of Republicans for this reason.


When I think of the nasty and violent threats that are levied at famous liberal types on line that are never followed up on. This seems like an outrageous abuse of power



“Here’s a group [alt-right] that has advocated for violence and death, clearly and explicitly, and yet federal charges have not been filed against them,” Simi noted.

“It’s interesting they are going through this trouble to target this person,” Simi said of Radulovic. “It’s work to file an indictment.”

So … Why did Ted Nugent meet with the President and was not in jail? Rhetorical question.


If one were even a little suspicious, one might think that this was designed to send a message in two directions at the same time. To the alt-right: we’ve got your back. To progressives: don’t even think of stepping out of line.

In many ways it’s of a piece with the prosecutions of inauguration protestors.


Don’t be like Eric.

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“It’s hard to really understand why this is where the FBI is putting its resources,”

Is it really that difficult to understand?


Aaaaw, our fascism is growing up so fast…

OT, but related:


Chemical fascism!!!


Beat me to it :smile:

Looks like selective prosecution to be sure. That said, I have to add that making threats of this nature has always been a dumb thing to be sure, especially when common sense should tell you that the Sessions crowd is just looking for an excuse to make an example of someone on the left.


Right! Hasn’t it already been documented that the FBI targets “leftist” groups, e.g. animal rights, “eco-terrorists”, etc., while paying minimal attention to right-wing groups? This case is perfectly consistent with what they have already been doing. That’s what makes Trump’s claims about FBI being biased so ridiculous. It is hardly some left-leaning bastion of law enforcement.


And still not a single police action against the alt-right thugs who threaten to murder the children of people who’ve spoken out against Donald Trump.


Furthermore, these days funny things when the FBI does place informants in a group such as the Bundys or the gang who staged the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

What happens is that the very presence of the FBI agents is found to be so suspicious to the juries that convictions are difficult or impossible to get.

There is a big story in these developments.

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Sad but true: Good ole American law enforcement has 2 get out of jail cards. No law man one loses job or lunch for going after 1) ‘the balcks’ and 2) the Commies/dirty fucking hippies/traitors.

Plus ça change…

This idiot should be charged. The answer to the alt-right not facing charges or serious-enough charges for violence should be to push to charge them, too, not to be lenient to this fool.

Agreed. Politicize the Justice Department to help your political party and silence the opposition. Georgy Porgy and Fredo tried that in 2007. Did not work out so well.