Discussion: Puerto Ricans Finally Get Aid, But Many Still Cut Off From Basic Necessities

Meanwhile, FEMA officials said the agency had distributed 2.5 million liters of water and 2 million meals at 11 distribution centers including the nearby islands of Culebra and Vieques.

Yo Duke lady, acting head of DHS, there are 3.4M people in Puerto Rico, Maria landed 9 days ago, people were told to prepare for 72 hours, so you couldn’t even feed the population one meal a day. And don’t get me started on the lack of fresh water.


Perhaps if someone sang the national anthem and the entire population knelt they would get more attention?


There is no excuse for this goddamned delay
Trump thinks things are going swimmingly well in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. HE SAID AS MUCH!!!
That man is nuts.
I have never in my 68 years ever seen this level of complete incompetence from a president. Ever. Not from a GOPer and certainly not from a democrat. George Bush took 4 days to get his shit together after Katrina. Less than half the time.


Do you get the idea that these people (Trump & Co.) don’t think of Puerto Ricans as people, and I don’t mean because their skin is darker than ecru or that they speak Spansih, I mean he just doesn’t care.
I’ve read about operations where people got lost in the paperwork and rules but this is something beyond that.

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I believe deep in my heart the trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but himself first, Lust Object second and maybe on a good day his 3 sons. Melania gets a maybe.
ANYONE else is dispensable. Anyone outside his orbit is seen as 2 dimension. Meaning not real. It’s a function of his mental capacity. I taught in a medical school but I’m not an MD (rather a PhD) or a shrink. But trump has some kind of cognitive impairment that renders him utterly incapable of any empathy. Look for a PM from me on this.


Wasn’t El Dotard supposed to visit tomorrow (and shut down the airport for the duration) so Puerto Ricans could sing his praises? Or now that he’s discovering he isn’t so popular, has he canceled that jaunt in favor of important meetings at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster? Will we never get to hear him say, “You’re doing a heckuva job, Dukey”?

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Tuesday, unless he needs to lead the charge against the NFL headquarters.


Donnie is preparing to rescue Puerto Rico by airdropping DVD copies of West Side Story across the island.

Donnie was quoted, That Maria? bigly gropable

I thought his arrival was set for next week amid full blown starvation and that cholera outbreak.
And he damned well better see more than the airport if he’s to get a sense of the damage there or find out how much he is appreciated.
fuckwad that he is.

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Imagine if you will
no air conditioning in 90+ humidity
no cell service
no food for a week
no fresh water for the last 4 days (can’t even wash your hands)
the roof of your dwelling is missing
mud 6 inches deep in what remains of your dwelling
you have been sleeping on a grassy hillside because your dwelling is unlivable.
you can’t find your family (husband, and grandma had the kids)
you haven’t even got a change of clothes…

and a reporter from CNN shows up with a story that trump says everything is really great in Puerto Rico.

How would you feel toward trump?

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Frankly at this point just put some one in a hazmat suit with hood and call 'em Trump.

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I used to think that Richard Nixon was the worst person in my experience.
Let me stress that is now past tense.

No one has ever been as utterly unfeelingly incompetent as trump is.


I think even Cheney has a heart 3X bigger than Trump. Decades from now Trump will be turned into a boogey man, rightly so.


Somebody is coming to the rescue and he has nothing to do with the corrupt admin we’re suffering through. Bottom line: Orlando Bravo, tech millionaire, pledging $10 million.


On Friday, Bravo boarded a plane for Florida and said he will charter a jet Saturday, to Aguadilla airport on the northwest side of the island, carrying 100 water purifiers capable of serving 10,000 people in Lares, and at least 20 IVs for another town desperate for the medical supplies.

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Since trump actively chooses to be incompetent it falls to civilians with the means to help. If only trump felt shame we then could truly get somewhere.

Thank you for posting that link!

My local Mexican eatery has teamed with the red cross and is funneling aid to all of the current disaster sites here and in Mexico. That is where i am doing my little bit.

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Nah. He can just do a flyover. Maybe comment that “It looks bad from up here. It must really be bad down there.” Mission accomplished.

Now, watch this drive.

On second thought, another option is to do a speech in a recently cleaned plaza and then, as soon as he finishes, cut the power to the generator, leaving the entire area in pitch darkness.

It’s all about optics.

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So just got done watching Rachel’s show and she again had the mayor of San Juan on, I’ve haven’t had the heart to watch her because my heart knows it will be bad but I watched tonight. OMG everything I’ve been posting about PR this week with @tena and others she was describing that that is what is happening in right now in Puerto Rico. FEMA wants people to register for benefits online, they have no power or internet. FEMA keeps asking her to fill out forms for her priorities, she used three big fat binders to what forms she has already fill out, she even mentioned that some one has to get their act together and help feed these people, more than one meal once a day, every third day. She is hopeful that with the military now there the word logistics would become the focus.

On a side note flipping through channels I stopped at Fox and Hannity was interviewing Limbaugh. Limbaugh was proclaiming that there are not just “liberal” TV stations, but all MEDIA was liberal. This is why they pick on Trump. Dear Lord is this what Hannity is reduced to, interviewing Limbaugh so they both and cry about how reporters are being mean to Trump? Hannity couldn’t find anyone to talk about Trump’s welfare plan for the rich? He couldn’t find someone to talk about how great the economy is under Trump?


I just watched the San Juan mayor being interviewed again by Ali Velshi. It is heartbreaking and the situation in PR is going to disintegrate quickly. Is Trump being allowed to see any of this mayor’s pleas for help? John Kelly, where are you? If Kelly can’t convince Trump to do something drastic immediately to turn this situation around, Trump’s reputation (such as it is) will suffer - and Kelly should get out and try to redeem what may remain of his reputation.

You know some people need to learn the hard way:

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