Discussion: Proud Boys Chairman Sat Behind Trump At A Speech Monday

They should both resign.


So all you have to do is get there early and you get to sit closely behind the President?


So the Secret Service was OK with a creepy guy in a Roger Stone tee and shades (at an indoor event) sitting behind Trump? And didn’t know he’s the chairman of a violent right wing extremist group?

Or maybe they knew and the Trump staffers said it was no problem and he’s “a fine person.”

(It’s not clear in the story, but given the presidential seal on the podium, this was putatively not a campaign event.)


Likely it was the tee shirt. The staffers know exactly which seats are in the right location for best visibility on TV and they put him there.


I wonder if he was checked for weapons on the way in.


We did not know he was there!
Nudge nudge wink wink
Beside, there are fine people on both sides of… everything?


I think the secret service has to be OK with a lot of things these days.


They’ve been blurring those lines for a good while now. What do they call all those “rallies” post the 2016 election? Trump started calling them “campaign rallies” sometime after people started pointing out that the last time a Western ‘elected leader’ held ongoing rallies like these was in Nazi Germany after Hitler got elected.

This just doesn’t happen in western democratic countries.

So, Trump has been campaigning for 2020 since 2017? I hope we are docking his pay when he takes time off from “presidenting” in order to “rally”… and golf… and fuck about all day during “executive time”…

Who pays for setting up these rallies? Who pays for his flights? For his entourage to go with him, and for the extra security he no doubt needs there…? If it’s taxpayers, well… no. Just no. Not acceptable.

Oh and these anti-American Proud Boy motherfuckers need to be impeached from society, right along with Trump…


Very fine people. Just very fine people who “refuse to be replaced by Jews!”


The group’s new chairman

Trouble in paradise.

This guy doesn’t have hipster hair or a hipster beard. And he’s the leader of a really lame hate group.

When meat puppets turn into 'toons …

Why wouldn’t Trump assemble the most violent people he can to help promote his agenda? Does he even know anyone else what with his Russian Mafia background?

Proud Boys behind Loud Noise.

Fitting, somehow…

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So, if there’s no vetting of who sits behind the Prez, could a guy wearing white robes sit there as long as he showed up early enough and the pointy hood wasn’t covering his face (although large dark glasses would be fine)?

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According to Ianelli’s twitter, he also got interviewed on Fox and Friends.

no…repiglicons base of support has nothing to do with racism…remember when TPM told us so?

but…even these silly racist groups out to make money by selling t-shirts to the bottom feeders have short shelf life under a non racist DOJ…

yea…i know its that racism thing again…but funny how it keeps being proved…just as sessons was being removed…comes a book verifying his racist outbursts while running the DOJ…something that was known and warned about but again dismissed…by the repiglicons …

and here we see what everyone should be aware of by now…the donald and his goons have no intention of hiding their racism…never have…they have no intention of hiding their desire to steal Venezuelan oil…no intention of being fair towards the Palestinian grievances…no intention to hide their plotting for even more war against Iran…no hiding their shutting down alternative view points…their shilling for corporate interests…etc etc.

in fact…even the cash bribes that kushner the donald and his klan have been receiving for foreign policy favors have become obvious.

hundreds of millions we know of…perhaps billions!!

we have completely lost our focus as a nation…we have become a failed state…

"….populations have become victims of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation…"
Orwell 1984…
WHO can argue against that?

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