Discussion: Protesters Pushed Back At NYC Federal Jail Where Power Out

Who are the criminals here?


Considering the lack of heat and power, I’d say its the Feds.


Why haven’t they moved these people? Why haven’t they rented power generators? I also read the water is off in the building as well. The Feds have not done due diligence here.


On the plus side, our government is exceptional at spawning organized criminal networks.

Could Republicans be trying to do that?

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It’s nice to see the (totally unconfirmable) acting head of the DOJ, Matthew Whitacker, is all over this. After all, it is a federal facility.

“The president and I feel it’s wrong for Democrats to hold these children without heat, without light, and this administration … what?”

"These are mostly terrorists and MS 13 members incarcerated here. The president and I are in the process of restoring power and heat. That’s more than they deserve.

“The President told me he knows it’s cold. He said to me personally, 'I know real estate. Nobody knows cold better than I do. How soon do you think we can get ‘em out, Whit? March?’”

Noting that he serves at the pleasure of the President until a suitable replacement can be found, Whitaker noted “it’s probably warmer in the Metropolitan Detention Center than my meetings with the President,” and chuckled.

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