Discussion: Prosecutor: Mastermind In Prison Break Was A 'Hannibal Lecter' Killer

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Another poorly worded headline. I thought the guy killed Hannibal Lecter :grin:

… a character in fiction.

If captured, please send him to the wildlife Refuge in Oregon. I think he can sort those wusses out pretty quickly.


Nah, it’s worded fine with the quotes. I got the meaning immediately.

A bit unsettling how quickly his life spiraled down, sounds like a supervillain origin.


Nothing to say but holy cow.

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From there, they rappelled down four stories using a rope made of bed linens …

… where they were met by Bugs Bunny who led them though a tunnel he’d dug to FREEDOM!

(Seriously, a rope made of tied together bed linens? Was last week’s prison movie The Grand Budapest Hotel?)


Lawrence Singleton

What’s difficult for me to understand is how prisons are constructed in such a way that convicted killers can escape so easily. This is like the 3’rd prison escape of killers within a year. I would think someone in the prison guard profession would figure out how to keep killers behind bars. I hear these escapees may have had help from staff, just as the ones in upstate NY did. Time to review all prison personnel, and do some re-assignments before we have any more of these.

That is one scary story. To my knowledge, bi-polar disease does not cause violent, sadistic outbursts like he has shown. Sounds like there is more than one behavioral problem at work here. Catch this sucker.


And laaaaaadies…he’s single!

Even Charlie found his soul mate!
(*Jeebus what could make anyone do this! <—Rhetorical! I have heard all the psychological explanations and seen the profiles. Still, it’s puzzling.)


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There’s a little side lesson to learn from this horrible story. The man’s victim was a medical marijuana distributor who was killed because they suspected he had money hidden in the desert. That would not have happened if marijuana business were able to use mainstream banking services. We need to fully legalize marijuana so that it can be supplied to the public through ordinary businesses that are not hampered by banking restrictions and other uncertainties of the current gray market.


Iranian…possible Muslim…Hannibel Lecter type killer. I think Trump just won the California primary.

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This was a jail, not a prison. Because of overcrowding in the prisons we have some pretty scary guys like these in the jails.


PTSD and brain damage, anyone?


"Nayeri was born in Iran and as a child emigrated to the U.S. with his family. "

you can almost hear it now from the GOTP/fox news:

“no more iranian immigrants”

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No, they’re never that direct. No more refugees from Syria!!!

I know that - but it doesn’t change the poorly worded headline

I thought he was in jail because he was awaiting trial.

We have always had scary guys in the jails. They go to prison after they have been convicted. Same scary guys both places.

That was my thought as well. Nice guy becomes psycho killer after a car crash is more Phineas Gage than Hannibal Lecter.