Discussion: Prosecutor: I Knew Witnesses Lied Under Oath To Ferguson Grand Jury

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St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch told a St. Louis radio station
on Friday that he knew some of the witnesses who testified before the
Ferguson grand jury were lying.

Wouldn’t that be suborning perjury?


At the very least, McCulloch violated the Bar Code of Ethics. Wonder if the Missouri Bar is going to open an investigation?


I can’t rely just on witnesses, of course I brought liars in to offer “evidence”. How else would I fill the chamber with white noise?


“Listen, this is what the witness says she saw”

No you idiot. She was NOT a witness. What she said she saw should never have been presented to the grand jury.


This guy is living proof of why people are justified in distrusting the judicial system.



Ferguson Prosecutor: I Purposefully Clusterf^cked the Grand Jury Process

And apparently proud of it.

So? MrComments?
Want to stand up and take your assk^cking now-- MrCertitude-- for ceaselessly referring to the evidence to support your hundreds of self-serving comments this last month or so?
This? Is what you get for putting your unquestioning faith-- in a racist liar-- who literally jury-rigged the system.

You owe many here an apology.



wow… can he really be that fucking stupid to actually admit to such a betrayal of his responsibility in seeking the truth…
one would think the legal community within missouri would be demanding his resignation at the very least. once this story is absorbed, even the white people will question the justice system.


Suborning perjury is persuading a person to commit perjury,


Nah, just aiding and abetting.


just like prosecutors can present the evidence to convict a ham sandwich they can also present the evidence in a way to assure an indictment they can also do the opposite… that is present evidence to make sure there is no indictment…

then the prosecutors can wipe his hands and pretend they tried but the Grand Jury wouldn’t buy it…


If the DAe didn’t put all the witnesses on he would either be criticized for not presenting testimony favorable to Brown or not presenting testimony favorable to Darren Wilson. If he puts it all out, the grand jury can make the call. Imagine Al Sharpton saying that the grand jury was fixed because the DA didn’t present testimony from people who saw Brown get shot in the back.

I thought it was knowingly putting a person on the stand to lie.

Wikipedia isn’t always reliable, but here’s what it says:

In legal practice, the condition of suborning perjury applies to a lawyer who presents either testimony or an affidavit, or both, either to a judge or to a jury, which the attorney knows to be materially false, and not factual. In civil law and in criminal law, the attorney’s knowledge that the testimony is materially false must rise above mere suspicion to what an attorney would reasonably have believed in the circumstances of the matter discussed in the testimony. Hence, the attorney cannot be wilfully blind to the fact that his or her witness is giving false, perjurious testimony.


McCullough is clearly incompetent if not as nutty as the witnesses he allowed to testify. The grand jury members must feel like fools today after being forced to listened to all the junk this man presented to them as evidence and then asked to collaborate said lies with a decision based on them.

What a farce of a kangaroo courtroom drama. St. Louis County and all 81 of its municipalities need to be disbanded. We don’t need to be burdened any longer with any of these small time crook operations. Make the Metro area one again with the City. We need a professional criminal justice system not cronyism incompetence.

Small government is twice as bad as big government. The corruption exposed by this incident proves it. It’s long past time for McCullogh and the Ferguson Police Chief to go. How much more humiliation are we the taxpayers expected to endure?


Further justification for the protesters who felt they needed to resort to violence. A society damns itself for accepting gunning down one man for what, shoplifting, due to the color of his skin, while a man in power can undermine the very foundations of that same society with impunity and admit it in public.


Interesting essay on an attorney vouching for credibility of witness, following the Supreme Court’s United States v. Garcia decision (2008)

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The grand jurors were not told the Witness #40 fabricated her testimony and was not even a witness to the murder of Michael Brown. There was no challenge to Witness #40’s testimony.

For the prosecutor to state that he merely wanted to present everything to the Grand Jury and let the jurors decide, proves that he wanted the cop to walk, without indictment. He is a liar, just as clearly as Witness #40 was.

Justice, my ass.


Criticism for not putting on witnesses is true. But she WAS NOT A WITNESS!!! And he knew that. So no, you do not allow people who were not present at the scene of a crime testify about what they saw. That is ludicrous and not how any prosecutor I know would behave.


I question the entire St. Louis County government set up. St. Louis City pulled out of the County about 150 years ago and left the county to the wolves. They in turn set up 81 city states run by what appears to be nothing more than organized crime families. They have been harassing citizens and generally taking in unlimited graft and kickbacks ever since then. It’s time for the state legislature to disband all of them and reunite the city and county.

I have watched this sort of corruption go on for over 30 years now after we bought a house and started a family in St. Louis County. It’s been one scandal after another. Now it’s one police shooting after another.

We have a mayor who has been indicted for running a bicyclist off the road and nearly killing him after driving by shouting, “Get off my road.” The city council can’t impeach him because he holds the deciding vote. The Mayor has been harassing the police chief, making him work the night shift as punishment, because he refused to let him get away with it.

The clown is a repeat road rage maniac who once threatened a 75-year-old man and his wife who inadvertently cut him off at an intersection. These are the small government tyrants that control the process in St. Louis County. Bob McCullough is one of them and controls the police state that rules in all 81 municipalities.

Why do you think Ikea chose to build its first store in the region in inner city St. Louis City rather than one of these wealthier, corrupt suburban “cities”? It’s safer and saner to deal with professional law enforcement and competent public officials.


“McCulloch said he had no plans to pursue perjury charges against the witnesses, however.”

“There were people who came in and yes, absolutely lied under oath,” he said. “Some lied to the FBI. Even though they’re not under oath, that’s another potential offense — a federal offense.”-

"On the issue of possible perjury charges, Columbia Law Professor Jeffrey Fagan told BuzzFeed News that “if a witness perjures herself, the prosecutor does have the discretion, and perhaps a legal obligation, to prosecute for perjury.” - Original BuzzFeed article

“McCulloch said he had no plans to pursue perjury charges against the witnesses, however.”

And why the hell not?

At least provide a damned reason!