Discussion: Prosecutor Announces Charges Against Tulsa Officer Who Fatally Shot Black Man

Too bad this news source is so incompetent with its proof reading and non-existing editing: to wit: “Prosecutors in Tulsa, Oklahoma filed first-manslaughter charges …”. TPM needs literate writers, or some help somehow to reduce their constant blatant screw ups in text, grammar, spelling etc.

Only manslaughter? Should be murder.

Let’s hope it doesn’t end with the spectacle of laying charges and that the prosecutor puts forward a real and convincing case for conviction.

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It’s an AP story. TPM may be restricted from editing AP stories they get on feed.


At least she was charged, I guess.
The union is most likely setting her up with the best lawyer the dues can buy. She’ll probably end up with a slap on the wrist.

That said, THIS is why people protest. We can argue all day about how they should/shouldn’t do it but the point is to draw attention to this unequal justice and hold police accountable. Looks like this is a good first step.


You don’t have to put up with this! In fact, you shouldn’t! Please go away.


Manslaughter will be much easier to convict on. Murder requires an intent of malice aforethought, something a jury might not agree on, given the situation. Manslaughter only requires an unlawful taking of a life. Actually a smart move on the prosecutor’s part.


Enter all white jury, stage right…

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Her patrol car dash-cam was not turned on to record this engagement. Incompetent oversight or ?? She shot Mr. Crutcher after he was on the ground, tased into helplessness. There were other armed cops backing her up, as well as a police helicopter which provided the video evidence her own patrol car should have recorded!

I do agree that manslaughter is easyer to convict upon than murder; I wish the prosecutor success.


Police can apprehend terrorist bombers exploding ordinance in a major city, but they have to gun down an unarmed black man with his hands in the air on a remote street.

Police excuses are suspect.

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True Dat. Still they did convict the Killer of Eric Harris so I will wait and see.

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Read somewhere that the families lawyer showed enlarged picts that showed the window was closed on the car so the victims was not in fact reaching into the car. This cop is in deep shit looks like to me. But she will still more than likely get just a four year sentence, if that, while the victim is dead forever.

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If you want her to get off, you charge her with murder. Definitely not a good idea, she obviously reacted out of fear and is responsible for the death, but she did not approach the situation saying “hey, I want to kill this guy”. But if you want her to get off, charge her with murder for sure. Like Zimmerman, he would easily have been convicted of some form of manslaughter. Murder charges were stupid.

I’m sorry for this young woman. in what may have been her very first shoot/don’t shoot scenario, her adrenaline took over and she pulled the trigger of the gun in her – i’m certain – trembling hand. If the other cops fired, she would have emptied her magazine in a group, orgasmic shoot out.

She is no more temperamentally suited to be a cop than she is to be a Marine or infantryman.

Decades ago, Army instructors told us that 1st time men in combat would get charged up and fire off round after round at no specific target, some rounds in the air. Only about 1 in 4 were actually shooting at the enemy.

It takes, training, discipline and leadership to use guns against targets that are shooting at you. One can’t go ape shit and fire off rounds without a target that requires return fire.

My son, a grad of police academy, tells me he feels that the shoot/don’t shoot training is totally inadequate.

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“The footage does not offer a clear view of when Shelby fired the single shot that killed Crutcher. Her attorney has said Crutcher was not following police commands and that Shelby opened fire when the man began to reach into his SUV window.”

What’s always assumed in this kind of narrative is that the police always give clear and non-conflicting commands. My personal experience belies this, but I’m white, so I’m still here to talk about it.


It seems as if most of the time, they’re screaming incomprehensibly, and often giving contradictory instructions: “Don’t move! Get on the ground!”

And needless to say, “failure to comply” is not supposed to be a capital offense.


Why don’t police departments use their money to find good cops, rather than criminals in cops’ clothing? That would save the taxpayers money from spending it on defending and/or prosecuting those lousy cops.

Wow so if your a black cop or a woman cop you can be charged for shooting a black man…who knew?