Discussion: Priebus Insists RNC Still Has Control Over Debates After Candidate Confab

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Lil’ Rinse has that Tea Potty tiger by the tail and under control. Nothing to worry about now!


What could go wrong?


This guy should be fired, he has no idea how to run this party and as a result the party is running over him.

From day one he’s let Fox and Ingram and Limbaugh call the shots, he’s spineless.


I hear that the news networks are now going to have a confab, too. They are going to consider wheter they will continue giving the Republican candidates free air time when they already operate a full time propaganda unit out of Faux News.

These GOP “debates” were a joke the last time around. This time they have become a full blown reality show. Why not just have Sarah Palin be the “moderator” for the rest of them? But would the candidates get a word in edge ways?


A debate is something you did in High school or college.
a discussion, as of a public question in an assembly, involving opposing viewpoints:
a debate in the Senate on farm price supports.
a formal contest in which the affirmative and negative sides of a proposition are advocated by opposing speakers.
deliberation; consideration.

These are Talking Point Regurgitations and Poo Flinging contests. Any resemblance to a debate is purely accidental


Michael Steele is the only winner in this whole mess.


That’s the way you do it…you play the guitar on the MTV

Leadership. All you have to do is force a rules change and you got er done. Perhaps we can tell those damn Muslims to “knock off the bullshit”…because their biased actions are making it unfairly tough for the GOP. Syria…you need to fix that shit because it doesn’t look good. Mother Earth…cool it. That’s leadership. Leading from fantasy and not from in behind.


My $64 question is how will the Republican nominee sabotage the general election debates, so he can make his case to the American people instead lol


I suspect that if one of the loonies (ya I know point out one that isn’t) gets picked that Ol’ Rince will be electing to spend time with his family before the election even takes place

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Denial is a pillar of modern conservatism, right up there with lying and cheating.


I think each clown should be limited to only one dozen cream pies and one gallon of seltzer water.


Agreed. I do a lot of debate…formal and there are rules. Most to eliminate bullshit, projection and fact based lying. If these were debates…these guys could not get away with a demonstrable lie. Fiorins’a 92%, Trumps Never having mentioned Zuckerberg or Curz’s claims to being the son of scientists. Those are demonstrable lies. You would be asked to leave a real debate ( at least the ones I participate in ) if you did that.


I know some folks like Kasich and Christie have said they didn’t think the questions were that bad, but I’m a bit surprised (or maybe just haven’t been paying attention) that one of the “establishment” candidates hasn’t taken the other side here and just started screaming “if you can’t answer sissy questions from libruls, you’re not ready to be President!”

rince and repeat says…“I’m in charge dammit!”

we’re in control, we’re setting the calendar," he replied. “In fact, if what happens from last night goes forward, I think it’s exactly where we want to be.”

Famous last words.


True that.

Plus the Lake Superior Effect.

That body of water is so deep that it would cover both North and South America to a depth of one foot. That is the menace of the Reactionary Right.

Not the idea of facts, but the idea of Belief, albeit wrong, but DEEP, and thus furnishing strong motivation to get out and vote. Stoking this by using (false) outrage does not hurt either. This cannot be over-estimated.

And do not forget the other G.O.P., mechanisms they will use, as we get closer to November 2016:

  • FOX
  • MSM distortions
  • Oppo. dirty tricks regarding the eventual Democratic nominee
  • Misinformation about registration and voting
  • Voter ID laws and the like, intending to inhibit Democratic voting
  • Old Fashioned voter intimidation (True the Vote and other similar groups)
  • Limiting Early Voting
  • Outright voter mis-counting
  • Other tricks (like 2004 Swiftboating) that we don’t know about yet

“In fact, if what happens from last night goes forward, I think it’s exactly where we want to be.”

IOW: “the candidates in the freak-show are setting the agenda and I’m desperately trying to get out in front of the parade.”


He said that he will communicate with the campaigns and “fight for what the candidates want” when they reach a consensus. …in Rinse’s moist dream last night.

This poor schmuck will not be able to get a job at Patel’s deli, gas and liquor when he leaves his job.

it takes a few people to create a narrative

Humm…a village, maybe?

Reince, then, used his hands to form a shadow Republican on the wall to agree with him.