Discussion: Preliminary Autopsy In Mississippi Hanging Expected Next Week

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Well, that’s pretty much all you need for people to dismiss this thing if it turns out to be a lynching.

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What a horrible coincidence that the man dragged to death years ago was James Byrd.

Seems like it shouldn’t take that long, unless there is some question regarding drugs or whatever. Was there some sort of evidence that supported a claim of suicide…a chair that he had knocked out from under himself, for example? It’s actually pretty hard to hang yourself from a tree and not leave some “evidence” of how you did it.

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I’ve found that when persons of color are concerned no cover is required for certain persons to dismiss the most heinous of crimes being perpetrated against them.

He was last seen March 8 and his body was exposed/decomposed for a few weeks. He couldn’t even be identified for awhile. Most likely birds and other animals were dining on him. He was found 3ft off the ground, hung with sheets. A few weeks is a long time to have nature disturb the scene. They have to check his body for signs that he wasn’t a willing participant. Actually a week seems pretty fast. I don’t know if Mississippi personnel conducting the autopsy is an issue or not. In some cases state and local coroners have participated in hiding lynchings by labeling them suicide.

The guy’s family said the idea of anyone wanting to kill him or him killing himself were both things that they didn’t believe were possible. The guy has been out of the can for 9 years too so that’s a long wait for revenge. If the store owner he was convicted of killing was white and he was lynched get ready for fun and games.

This should be more interesting than how that handcuffed kid in the back of a police car shot himself in the head after being frisked TWICE for weapons.

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Exactly, people hanging themselves is unheard of…

Yes, he could have been lynched.
It also could be suicide. That method of suicide has been on the rise.
It also could be a revenge killing for the person he killed, sometimes people wait to do that.

All three of those are possible. There are 30 FBI agents all over it, so let’s just wait for results before assuming what happened.

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This really upsets me.

Why the assumption of a lynching right off the bat? The obvious conclusion is that this poor man committed suicide. Instead, the FBI (who couldn’t fin their own ass in a dark closet with both hands and a flashlight), sends in 30 agents whose obvious thrust will be to try to find a hate crime.

I hate to sound racially insensitive, but had this been a white man, the incident would have been lucky to warrant three inches in the local paper.

Yes, exactly as they did in the ZImmerman and Wilson cases…oh wait, they found the opposite.

Don’t give me that bullshit about the FBI. They are a top notch organization, and their investigations into the Trayvon Martin shooting were accurate (no racial bias found), as were the Reports on the Michael Brown shooting (justified shooting), and the Ferguson PD (basically were shaking down black people for money).

Did you actually read the reports? They were done by professionals, experts, etc. And they were very accurate, as this one will be. If you think 30 FBI agents have been told to fabricate evidence, you are a conspiracy nut. Are you also a Birther and Truther, and think the gubbermint is covering up Obama’s birthplace and Cheney blowing up the WTC?

Get serious please. I know several FBI guys, and they take their work very seriously. Your lack of respect for Law Enforcement at that level is disgraceful. Overall the FBI are a very professional organization. Sure, there are rogue assholes in the FBI, just like in ANY organization. But overall very professional.

The reason it is getting attention is because it looks similar to a lynching, not an ordinary suicide. Don’t get me wrong, I think it was a suicide, and perhaps staged to look like a lynching. But it could be a lynching. It could also be a revenge murder for the person he killed, also perhaps staged to look a like a lynching to make it look like it was racial, not revenge. ALL of those scenarios, as well as others, are possible.

That’s why we have investigations. And I’d rather have the FBI do it than local police.

And in case you did not know it, lots of black people have been charged with hate crimes. But that never makes it to the media either. If a white guy was found hanging from sheets, chances are it would be suspected as some black people lynching a white guy for “revenge” about the Ferguson report and lynchings, etc. And the FBI would investigate. The media might not cover it, but those types of cases always get investigated.