Discussion: Powerful New York Assembly Speaker Arrested For Corruption

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It’s about damn time.


Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Democrats in New York need to clean house, or have the house cleaned for them. Big time. Their corruption is what keeps the party from dominating the legislature.


they dominate the assembly … there are conservative places in NY, so dominating both houses will be harder … it is not like the Republicans that control the Senate were clean as white snow either.

Finally. This character has mucked up my state in every possible way. Throw the book at him.


I hope they’ve got recordings or something written. Because if simply failing to report something on your ethics form were enough to send you to jail there would be a lot more legislators and judges behind bars. (Making it clear: Silver gives venality a bad name; I just hope the feds have put together a case he can’t skate around.)

Bye, Shelly. Time to clean house and get someone less machine-y.

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The headline is libelous. It convicts him upon his arrest. This is something you teach your rookie night-cops reporter. The proper hed would have been Assembly Speaker Charged With Corruption or something like that. These are the sorts of things you learn working at actual newspapers.

Of course we know by now TPM can’t write a decent headline. NYT headline is this which conforms to only accusing.

Sheldon Silver, Speaker of New York Assembly, Is Accused of Taking Millions in Graft

Old School Shelly has been around for decades, and knows where all the bodies are buried. We always assumed he buried most of them himself. One of the most despised characters in NY State government, we all knew this day would come. I assume whatever they find isn’t the HALF of it.


Shelley,you too ? Oh my.Sitting in that position in the back of a police car ?