Discussion: Port Authority Reveals It Is Target Of SEC Probe

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Who isn’t investigating the Fat Man?

He’s looking more corrupt than Nixon at this point.

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I wondered where all this was going…going, gone… out of sight, out of mind.

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Christie has said he is confident that if the SEC reviewed the projects “they’ll come to the same conclusion that those dozens of lawyers came to on both sides of the Hudson River.”

This Karl Rove creature has the utmost confidence in liars, with professional licenses, establishing innocence or guilt. And may I add well paid crooks. Karma is a bridge to nowhere shrouded in fog.


Where will Cristie dance next? TV or prison?

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…ChrisFarley is the only man who can pull off dancing while obese.

But TheDance will be fun for campaign ads.


That dance on The Tonight Show is called “Diversion”.

Or maybe exhibitionism by a man too insensitive to know he is in big trouble.

Let me indulge in a little conjecture: David Samson either got a chunk of the $1.8 billion, or otherwise benefited therefrom.

I like the notion that the Pulaski Skyway is an access road for the Lincoln Tunnel. Apparently Christie’s “dozens of lawyers… on both sides of the Hudson River…” are a bit hazy on geography. By that rationale, almost any road in north Jersey could be considered an access road for the Lincoln Tunnel.

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