Discussion: Pope To Packed Stadium: Families Are Under Attack

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What a bunch of nonsense. How does a celibate old man in charge of a bunch of other celibate old men have any credibility talking about family?

Door-to-door evangelizing? Stay the hell away from my house.

Well, they did grow up in families and still have family members . . . . so there is some relevance.

The headline is misleading. The article is more about Samba dancing. Anyway, it wasn’t worth reading these disjointed fragments.


Why would any pope try to boost faith at Rome’s soccer stadium? Is the soccer stadium notoriously responsible for infidelity? Isn’t a soccer stadium more interested, say, in soccer than in what a pope has to say? I should think if a soccer stadium saw a pope when it expected, well, soccer players, shouldn’t the soccer stadium just, well, lose faith? This report from the AP’s Ms. D’Emilio confuses and does not enlighten.

Yes the family is under attack, but it is not Satan but corporate America. Corporate America doesn’t want to pay decent wages, and they buy inferior products from China instead of America and want to pollute this country for profit.

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He’s trying to boost faith at a soccer stadium, which has lost faith because too many popes and not enough soccer teams have been seen there lately. So, all the celibates in women’s dresses have to talk about families just to counter and stabilize the world on the other side of Alice’s looking-glass: through Alice’s looking glass is where you get close by walking away so you get a family by not having one, then you talk about it like you have it. Got it?