Discussion: Polls Close Tuesday Primary Night

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Don’t anyone get Cochy just yet.

I’m conflicted, since I wish both Cochran and McDaniel could somehow lose. Particularly since we as a nation will lose if either gets into Congress.


FWIW, Hinds is probably the most urban (think: convenient voting) black county in this state…

Chokwe Smiles!!!

for the junkies:

Interesting. It appears the baggers (McDaniel voters) are more common the further south you go.

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Funny how that works. Also, every city I’ve heard of seems to be going for Cochran.

Are there really cities in Mississippi?


Yes, about 4 that are actually “cities” and the rest are just collections of crappy buildings around a highway or interstate.

OMG, with 76.8% reporting, McRacist has taken the lead!

edit: 80.6% of precincts reporting, and Daddy Mac has broken 50%!!!
more edits: Thad’s closing the gap!! Elle MacPherson is at an even 50.0% with 86.6% reporting!!!
87% - and he’s back below 50!! OH NOES. I can hardly handle this excitement!

Am I the only one here who’s a total junkie for this right now? Maybe there’s a nerd-out happening behind the paywall…

Since Mississippi is entirely on the Central time zone, giving a time in the second paragraph of your story that in anything other than Central, and then failing to qualify it as another time zone, is really bad. (Never mind the provincialism of the 95/Acela corridor; the rest of America is used to that.) Yes, readers could scroll down to see the time zone, but there’s no reason they should have to.

They’re providing some radio coverage on MS Public Broadcasting but it sounds like they’re signing off for the night. Sounds like McDaniel is ahead but just shy of the 50% needed to avoid a runoff, with returns still coming in.

My heart breaks for those who live in Miss, aren’t crazy, and have no viable chance to leave.

A run-off in Mississippi.


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In any closely watched statewide election, there’s always one county that can’t get its results in in a timely manner. Tonight that county is Holmes County, Miss.
I just learned this tidbit, thanks to wikipedia:

Holmes County has the lowest life expectancy of any county in the United States, either for men or women.

And with that, my morbid curiosity with this race has morphed into all-out depression. God help these people.