Discussion: Poll: Trump Trails Every Top 2020 Dem In Pennsylvania

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The sooner Biden and Sanders drop out the better. The others will still lead tRump, since it is unlikely (although not impossible) any of the Biden/Sanders supporters will go to tRump


I’d like to see the pollsters add “Potted Plant” to the candidate list. I’m pretty sure in a head-to-head match-up that would solidly trounce donnie.


Maybe I can admit I am from PA again. :joy:


it’s probably too early for any of these polls to matter but, it’s still nice to see


20 electoral votes out of their column, into ours. Yes, that’s presumptuous, but it’s ours to lose.

Gotta say, I’m liking Mayor Pete more and more. I think he’s my guy.

edit-to be clear, the dem nominee could end up being a slice of pizza, and I’m voting for it.


Awww - despite setting up the campaign years ahead of others, and establishing a couple of super pacs to pay people kicked out of the administration and/or being paid hush money campaign staffers - and holding a recent rally in the state - donnie-do-wrong is trailing.

They just aren’t that into you, despot donnie,


I expect this to be @mattinpa’s thread.

In fact, I was going to ask him the question that is addressed here…


Having a Midwest person is crucial. We DIED there in 2016. Many people group PA in the Midwest at times.


Fake News! Polls are being rigged by illegal voters! If Trump doesn’t win Pennsylvania it’s only because of illegal votes, and he will be bound to declare martial law and ignore that vote.


Meh, I think that stuff is oversold, particularly these days when a person can gather national exposure much more readily. Sure, in decades past, that meant something, that you’d only really hear about the Senators or Congressmen in your State and the surrounding ones, but think we’ve moved beyond that.

Look how fast AOC went from being a nobody to being the new star of Trump campaign events, with the rallying cry of, “AOC sucks”.


“Biden and Sanders both lead Trump by 10-point margins at this point, 55 percent to 45 percent.”

That Trump even polls at 45% is not good, in my opinion. There’s a long way to go, and he hasn’t started relentlessly attacking one opponent yet, as he will in the general. Until he’s under 40 and stays there continually, I’m not comfortable.

The above assumes he hasn’t been forced from office by November 2020, but we’ll see.


Yes, yes, yes to Mayor Pete. The age issue is a red herring: some people are simply ahead of the curve. The prospect of Pete debating Trump is beyond delicious.


I would vote for Cow Patti. :grin:


This poll
Doesn’t mean shit to a tree


Long way off and it’s only one state, so…

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Maybe at this time in the election cycle it would be more helpful to poll ideas / policies rather than individuals.


And the prospects if Pete galvanizing voters to come out of the sticks to vote against him…isn’t.

It was in PA that he gave a speech and interview yesterday in which, among other things, he claimed that because the wind doesn’t always blow, wind energy isn’t reliable. He also claimed to know a lot about wind (which is true, actually, but only the hot air variety that he generates constantly through multiple orifices).

Presumably he feels the same way about solar energy because, you know, of night and clouds and eclipses and stuff. I guess he’s never heard of batteries, which is weird, because he’s sort of the Energizer Bunny of rambling imbeciles and blowhard assholes. Heh. Imbeciles following an imbecile over a cliff. That’s the GOP.


Nawww… Polls only care about the horse race.