Discussion: Poll: Trump Seems To Be Losing The Confidence Of America's Monied Class

The results of due diligence.


Trump Seems To Be Losing The Confidence Of America’s Monied Class.

But not these folks. People, this is seriously hilarious, but at once frightening. Mrs. von Holst and I couldn’t stop laughing. Do not drink coffee while watching the video!

If you’ve ever been morbidly curious about who Trump voters are and what they really believe, Triumph the insult comic dog is here to help.

Triumph has a new video in which he conducts a fake focus group with a very real group of Trump supporters. The point is to show outrageous fake Trump plans to deal with immigration, transgender bathroom rights and other issues to Trump supporters to see if they think those plans are over the top or just what we need to “make America great again.”

For instance, should we include handguns in all women’s bathrooms to protect cisgender women from transgender bathroom predators?

And trap illegal Mexican immigrants in porta-potties placed near Home Depot and then ship them back to Mexico? Or demand that Hillary Clinton prove that she is in fact a woman? These Trump voters agree: yes, we should.

Watch the almost too-outrageous-to-believe video, below.


Donald Trump: Loser Extraordinaire + Yuuuuuuge Loser!!

The fact that Hillary has narrowed the gap among ‘the monied class’ is a good thing. The fact that Trump still has more support than she does simply proves that intelligence and wealth are completely independent of one another.


People with money don’t make decisions based on emotion. They crunch numbers. If they conclude Trump is bad for their bottom lines Trump’s got to go.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Trump has decided to appeal to one demographic only - angry, dumb white males. He is currently polling behind in every other demographic.


Quite a few angry dumb white males have substantial amounts of money at their disposal.


They now smell the desperation & incompetence in every move that Trump makes - and the the total chaos that Trump will bring terrifies them now - dumb bastards did not want to recognize it before.

Over the past 85 years, the stock market has done nearly 20 times better with a Democrat in the White House than it does with a Republican.

Why anyone who owns even a single share of stock would ever vote Republican has baffled CharlieE for years.



The fact that even a narrow majority of investors would still be thinking Trump is a better choice is all the evidence anyone should need to understand why the financial industry needs to be very carefully regulated. The fact that so much money (which means so much power) is in the hands of people with such bad judgement, is extremely dangerous.


Judging by market returns and economic gains, any monied investor who votes GOP is a self-loathing idiot


I…got nothing

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my boss is leaving for the day at 12:30pm EST. that’s when I will enjoy my lunch and watch Triumph go after these disgusting people. Thank you for this. Love me some Triumph!


Yeah, I think TPM buried the lead–survey shows that 40% of people who run money are morons.


Seems to me the super rich do well under any administration because they get first dibs on the decisions that impact everyone else. The stock market doing well just means they are letting us get a piece once in a while.

“…investors back in June favored Trump over Hillary Clinton by 17 points, 50-33”. I bet none of those so called “investors” were any of the people who actually invested in any of Trump’s many enterprises that went belly up.

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But Trump still leads by 2 points?? That says a lot about the investor class, after all his craziness and all the news about how he has constantly cheated small businesses.


Good advice. My wife sent me the same video last night via a boingboing.net page. As the boingboing page says, it’s like a scary Milgram experiment.

They’re probably actors, but it’s coffee-out-your-nose hilarious anyway.

Edit: Note that the interviewees are two separate groups of people.

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That fact that ANY business people still see anything in the republican party (other than instability, volatility, cronyism, monopolism, and bad-for-business bigotry) boggles my mind.