Discussion: Poll: Scott Walker Is Now Tied With Ted Cruz —In Texas

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Well now, “Isn’t that sweet”?
Come on teddy bear, whip out some of that canadian/texaaaas super smart stuff and kick his butt all the way home. lol

Now that is what I call a race to the bottom [of the barrel].


…and I need to know this because…?

Texans are partial to stand tall guys who aren’t afraid to back down from softball questions like “Do you believe in evolution, gravity and a round earth”?

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… Scott Walker stands a credible chance of being the next President of the United States of America.

Let that sink in.

And, the comment I was going to make before I distracted myself with that reply:

One of the few strategies that we can pursue here is to tie Walker TO Cruz, at every single opportunity. Let no chance slip by to compare Walker’s batshit crazy to Cruz’s batshit crazy. Most of America has no idea who Scott Walker is … but most people know exactly who and what Ted Cruz is. The more people who understand that a vote for Walker is like a vote for Cruz, the less chance Walker will have of sitting in the Whitehouse.

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Having taken a good look at Cruz, Texans are beginning to think they might like Walker? What I want to know is whether the reverse is true? That Wisconsin Republicans having taken a good look at Walker are beginning to think they might like Cruz?

Given the slime the Republicans are scraping off the bottom, I’m pretty sure we will not see a Republican elected by a majority to the Presidency any time soon.

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Take Walker seriously.He might be their strongest candidate. Unless he keeps doing his Artful Dodger impression, which could catch up to him.

Can’t take anyone seriously who reminds me of a weasel and has
basically destroyed his own state while Koch-sucking.

Yeah, but he’s got a great propaganda machine behind him. The guys who bought him his last few elections can take just about any piece of dung and make him look good to enough of the people who are afraid of “them”. Them being all the usual suspects, because if “they” get something, it must have been taken away from “us”

Not much of a choice either way.