Discussion: Poll: Most Americans Oppose Boehner's Netanyahu Invite

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That 33% is what keeps this country in the dark ages. It’s too bad they vote so consistently.


Where are the knobs!?!?!

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Moderately sane Americans across the political spectrum really don’t like it when a foreign politician attempts to interfere in our domestic political process. Bibi had to backpedal furiously the last time he pulled this BS during the 2012 election. Unfortunately the damage this time will be far worse.


Please, Israeli voters, for your sake and ours, replace this guy. He’s your Dick Cheney, and the sooner you dump him the better off we’ll all be.



… 33 percent said it was the right thing to do.

Wow. Fox News has a larger audience than I thought.

The 27% Crazification Factor seems to be increasing. Someone ought to tell John Rogers and Tyrone.

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the public has gradually been turning away from the unquestioning support for israel. boehner/dermer/netanyahu’s stunt has backfired horrendously and hilariously; and this will only solidify those opinions. election officials in israel are implementing a 5min delay in his speech, so if anything political is mentioned, it gets cut…

Following complaints from opposition parties, election chief Salim Joubran decided that Netanyahu’s address should be broadcast with a five-minute delay in Israel, giving news editors time to cut any statements deemed partisan.


If you really care about Israel you realize Netanyahu has gone down the wrong path. Why is he in bed with crazy Christians who think they can start their vision of the “end times” by provoking an all out Arab / Israeli war?


The poll revealed a majority of Americans are able to recognize a partisan hack when they see it. Now, if only we could find a way for them to recognize their polling place.


Poll: Most Americans Oppose Boehner’s Netanyahu Invite

This is not particularly suprising, considering that most Americans oppose Boehner, including voters in his home state of Ohio:

Just 20 percent of voters polled said they approved of his work in Congress, down from 33 percent in an October PPP poll.



Likud and the Republicans get along so well together because their goals are the same - personal power and enrichment. They don’t really care about their country, except in a perverse, messianic sense; that it is only they who can lead their nation to “glory”.

Imagine the outrage if it was a Democratic Congressional majority that invited a foreign leader to address Congress, with the express intent to embarrass and insult the sitting President of the United States. A crisis would be declared with accompanying chyrons on all the major network news programs. FOX personalities would be apoplectic in their expressed outrage.

The mainstream media is complicit in this assault on President Obama by its unwillingness to frame the matter in its proper context. “Liberal” media, indeed.


Absolutely, there’s a consistent 30-35% who are utterly insane and would vote for an amendment stripping women, non-Christians, LGBTs, and minorities of all rights. They’re the same 30-35% who would gleefully vote Louie Gohmert for president, so it’s pretty stunning that support for BIbi’s campaign speech is so low. It’s looking more and more like this will be a net negative for all involved, except Obama.


Right-Wing funded poll will be ‘generated’ ASAP to toss out more ‘favorable’ pseudo-survey babble saying that people want the speech.


Or according to Bill Kristol, 63% of Americans now oppose Israel, Judaism, and Western Civilization.




And the rest are Conservative proto-traitors following in the hallowed tradition of Benedict Arnold.

Seriously, Conservative Republicans colluded with the Vietnamese in 1968 to scuttle peace negotiations with Johnson and keep the war going in exchange for the promise of a better deal under Nixon, and Conservative Republicans colluded with Iran in 1980 to keep holding the hostages and undermine any negotiations with Carter in exchange for money and weapons if Reagan became president.

And now they’re colluding with Netanyahu to scuttle treaty negotiations aimed at bringing Iran’s nuclear programs under observation.

It’s infuriating that they repeatedly get away with this treasonous bullshit.


Because for some people the certainty of an imminent global catastrophe on a biblical scale is preferable to the uncertainty of living in a changing world that continually challenges your assumptions and perceived position of privilege.


How much more convincing than this will Congressional Democrats need in order to boycott this charade?


If he doesn’t watch out Netanyahu might get both a global catastrophe on a biblical scale followed immediately by the uncertainty of living in a changing world that will continually challenge his assumptions if he then has a perceived position of privilege.


Yes, that could happen. Unfortunately too many of these types only think about short-term gains.