Discussion: Poll: Florida Republicans Prefer Jeb Over Rubio

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Rubio better pray that Jeb is the GOP nominee or Rubio is toast in his Senate re-election bid.

And Hillary is also ahead of Bush in his own state. Not by much. But that says plenty about how weak a candidate he really is. Anticipate a make-over ad campaign to sell the public on Bush 3.0 very shortly with the traditional corporate media completely onboard. They’ve got to do something to make this canned dog food more palatable. So far he’s stuck on the shelf with an past due expiration date otherwise.

well, jeb is a lot whiter.


Aww, the little water boy, scorned even in his own state.

Hillary is also ahead of Christie in his own state but no surprise there.

I have great difficulty assigning any credence to the population of a state that elects and then re-elects Scott.