Discussion: Poll: Feingold Beats Wis. Sen. Johnson By Almost 10 Points

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I hope he runs. I think that 2016 will be a lot different than 2010.


I am sure Scott Walker’s devolution into a combination of Ralph Malph and Potsie haven’t hurt Feingold either.


Sounds a bit like buyer’s remorse to me. Rock it Russ!


I hope he runs. If he runs, he wins. It’s time to take our country back.


That’s great news, however, I can’t share this post with anyone, due a rather large error in the first sentence:

Former Sen. Russ Feingold (R-WI) should be Former Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI)

Once people get a chance to see what the Tealiban politicians they voted for are really like, they are so OMG, did we really vote for that moron.


Run, Russ, run! Johnson. Is one of the biggest nitwits in the Senate, and there is a large field to choose from of them. We need adults like Russ with sanity, maturity and smarts in both houses of Congress!

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If Feingold beats Johnson by 10 points, I’ll be annoyed that it wasn’t 20. Johnson is about the emptiest suit to ever occupy the office, despite tough competition from Feingold’s predecessor, the drunk driving Bob Kasten.

Johnson is right there with his pal Scotty Walker, throwing the whole state under the bus to make it a little nicer for billionaires who don’t even live here.


Start donating early folks to a Russ Feingold run as soon as he opens up his campaign office or website. He’s adverse to the big money donors that fund politicians if you recall. Johnson is a self-funder, but also has the backing of Koch Industries and their associated dark money web.

We need more politicians like Feingold in Congress but the money dump for opposing candidates will be fierce and relentless. Campaigns built entirely on lies by opposing candidates to many Democratic candidates with be the norm this cycle, even more so then ever before.


Yeah - up by 10 points today - but what will it be after 15 month of $ 400 million worth of non-stop Koch money & others who will be running endless messages that Feingold is: a socialist - communist - wanna-be-Islamist - Marxist - White Kenyan - Liberal - probably a personal friend of Charles Manson & Jeffrey Dahmer - and responsible for every malady that this country has experienced in the lat 50 years


But…can he beat the Koch machine?

No matter the Kochsucker bucks. Keep hammering away with the meme that Republican´ts have proven themselves to be traitors to the US of America. Don’t let up on this point to everyone you meet until the day after the elections of 2016. Keep reminding them, lest they forget.

I love the poll results. I wish I trusted the pollster.

The silver lining to a Feingold victory, however, will be that Johnson will be forced to finance his campaign heavily out of his own pocket. He will definitely be one of the ones the RNC is going to cut loose as they try to determine what seats they can actually defend in 2016.

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This is a sure Democratic pickup if he runs.

Run, Russ, run!

I also greatly look forward to Pat Toomey’s, Kelly Ayotte’s, Mark Kirk’s, and Rob Portman’s concession speeches next year.