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Bush has dropped from 5th place at 9% last month down now to 8th place at 5% this month. He continues to really struggle with GOP voters just flat not liking him- only 38% have a positive opinion of him to 45% with a negative one. His unfavorability rating ties him with George Pataki for the worst with New Hampshire Republicans.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered to remember a campaign that never got anywhere…”


christie rising: whales need to rise to the surface to take in massive amounts of air. this allows for some serious bloviating. news flash! jersey whale breeches. thar she blows!


October found the governor was in the low single digits with 3 percent of the vote.

I’d be rich if there was such a thing as trading in penny stocks for GOP candidates for president.


Goody! Just in time for his Bridgegate indictments!


Oh My — He’s got a roll … er… on a roll — ( sorry )

The nomination is nearly in his grasp! All he needs is for Trump, Cruz and Rubio to die in a plane crash…pathetic. But then, I expect very little from this narrow-minded little bully. Enjoy NOT being elected President, you fat piece of crap.


Proving once again that a presidential poll means “who have you heard the name of most recently?”


He’s just peaked.


This shows that John Bush the Acronym ¿Jeb?'s strategy is really working. He is outspending the leading candidate 133:1. This smart spending strategy has helped John Ellis stay at 5%.


Chris Christie isn’t going nowhere but back to New Jersey to face criminal charges for corruption. This clown shouldn’t even be allowed to run for President the crook.


Go, Chris, go! Love to see Chris as the Republican nominee. Then all of us Democrats can gather around and serenade with The George Washington Bridge Song each time he appears.

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I guess it is boring to keep saying Trump is leading by a mile, so they have to reach all the way back to 4th place to find something interesting to report on. The fact is that there have been 3 PPP polls in New Hampshire since August and no other candidate has gotten higher than 13% except for Trump who is currently sitting comfortably at 27%. At this point everybody but Trump is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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His numbers spiked after he came down hard on the 6 year old Syrian orphans,


And when he comes down hard, he comes down hard!

Chris Christie must have lot of crazy girlfriends in New Hampshire.

So basically his popularity rivals the margin of error in the poll, huh?

What a surge!

In all likelihood as NH isn’t even representative of New England let alone the rest of the country.

Even if he wins New Hampshire, so what? There’s not a single state in the south or midwest that he can win. His campaign is toast and he can go back to stalking Springsteen.