Discussion: Poll: Americans Think Race Relations Are Worse Under Obama

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In reality, they are probably roughly the same. The change is that the racists in this country now don’t care about making those views publicly known. They believe that spewing their garbage is ok as long as it is directed at the president. It gives it the air of being political, when it is just more racist garbage.


Of course, it’s worse…

President Obama embodies the ‘uppity-ness’ that galls the haters of minorities.


Most Americans have an IQ of 100 or below, so…


Another thing for republicans to voice a negative about when it comes to Obama.


OK, and…so what?

Since when has the president been responsible for “race” relations?

Oh thaaaat’s right, much of the white majority of this country thinks The Other has to answer for everything blacks do and everything that happens to them, because he is (in their own words) “half-black”. Curious how they don’t believe it should work in the reverse.

How about this, instead – since whites control the vast majority of power, clout, and money in this country, perhaps THEY might be responsible for the state of “race” relations?? Being as, you know, they’re the ones in the position to change things unilaterally…if they wished.


Couldn’t somebody do a poll that finds “a plurality of Americans think sliced bread is worse under Obama”?


…an intended consequence.

Stupid folks are so easy to manipulate…

Feed 'em Fox, ToxicTea, and Duck to ensure continuing the dumbosity.


If your goal is to convey poll results in a truthful manner, when a poll results in two pluralities whose size difference is within the margin of error, you don’t get to point to the larger plurality as evidencing what “Americans” think in the headline. Rather, you only get to use “Americans Split on Whether” in the headline.


62 percent of Republicans said that race relations had gotten worse under Obama

I’m guessing the margin of error was 62%?
What a ridiculous poll!


I’m no expert but it looks to me that this poll indicates that 55% of those polled don’t believe that race relations have grown worse under Obama.


Well, Floyd and me we talked this over and decided that we’d all be better off if Obama didn’t keep shoving his Afro-American heritage in our faces all the time. Americans are color-blind and we think everybody has the same chances in life, irregardless of their heritage, color, and creed. That’s why so many Americans are so riled up about the whole race thing. Thank the Lord our next President will be white, so we won’t have to keep thinking about race all the time, like we do now.


The way this President has been relentlessly attacked by the right since inauguration day, it is no surprise to anyone racism has regained momentum. Beginning with Rev. Wright, they have made it a point to cite his race so many times it’s more than pathetic.
Add to that the numerous times a unarmed black kid has been gunned down by the police or some far right racist gun nut and you have the reason why relations are not as good as they were, if they were. Obama has nothing to do with that.


And every weekend the Sunday talk shows make it a point to invite a blatant racist to appear on their shows to give them a soapbox. Cruz, Huckabee, Rand, etc.


People think race relations in this country are worse under Obama because of all the racism that’s out in open.


Yes, and it’s funny how they think it has to be Obamas fault…


Racist shitbag Republicans: The kind of people who take a shit in the living room and then complain that the smell has gotten worse.

Yeah, race relations ARE worse under Obama, because the fucking Tea Klux Klan has a multibillion dollar megaphone.


ncsteve. point taken. don’t the headline writers just gall you? often misleading if not downright false. it is often unclear if they have actually fully read the article. they go for the hits and nothing else.


The Al Jazeera-Monmouth University poll found that 43 percent of Americans think race relations are worse under Obama, 40 percent said there had been no change and 15 percent said they were better.

Soooo…43% think things are worse, 40 think there was no change, 15% things are better

On whether Obama had spoken too much or too little on race during his presidency, 28 percent said he had been too quiet, 25 percent said he had been too outspoken and 39 percent said he had struck the right balance.

Based on these polling results, it seems to be split either way, with more people thinking he’s struck the right balance in talking about it.
I think the headlines may be overstating the idea that race relations is so bad under Obama. But of course, since relations are not 100% Kumbaya, we need a poll and Pres. Obama is to blame!


I would have liked TPM to have posted a link to the actual polling data, because I’m interested in the phrasing of the question.

I’d agree that “race relations” (whatever that actually means) have been worse while Obama has been in office, rather than “under Obama.” And I would tend to attribute it, as someone else said, to the vocal, outright racism that having a focal point of a black (or half-black) President provides. The Obama Presidency is pretty much the definition of a “lightning rod” for racism.