Discussion: Poll: Americans Shifting Left Largely Due To Health Care Debate

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So healthcare is hard. Who knew?

If it was properly designed Medicare for all would probably be less expensive than the “hybrid” system we now have. Of course, that would require real effort and thought. Somebody the country trusts would have to sell it. Since the country is divided that means people from both camps.


The RWNJ’s and the rise of Trump may unwittingly (witless?) push the electorate towards the acceptance of single payer health insurance.


On issue after issue, when presented as neutral questions, the public is consistently on “the left”. Obamacare is hated because the blah man’s name is attached. It’s the Heritage Foundation’s proposed health care system, FFS!

The general public’s perception of “right” and “left” is significantly out of whack with their own actual opinions on the major issues. Thanks Roger Ailes! <spit>


CNN has long been confused about the difference between socialism and social democracy. Sweden is a social democracy, and many Americans believe that is where we live.

Freeland’s famous comment:


“You can’t appreciate home till you’ve left it, money till it’s spent, your wife till she’s gone, nor Old Glory till you see it hanging on a broomstick on the shanty of some consul in a foreign town.” – O Henry.

I think Mr. Porter was onto something with that simple observation of basic human nature.

Most Americans didn’t appreciate Obamacare until the GOP came at them – teeth bared – to rip it away.

And found themselves staring into the cold, black eyes of a gigantic wolf with a live sheep in its mouth.

Now they sense the danger, the ruthlessness, the bloodlust to kill their children and parents for billionaires.

And the scales finally have fallen from their eyes.


The devil you don’t know…


Delicious that the Republican kill Obamacare campaign has backfired on them in this way too. It’s their legislative hi jinx that has increased public awareness.

Long may their plans fail – and the road rise to meet us.


I’d love to see such poll results parsed down to region, if not state. The country is so large and so regionally diverse that such numbers would best be seen in context. A 10% national shift could mean 18% on the coasts and 2% in the heartland. I’d be especially interested in poor red states.


Yup - and Obama, Clinton, Schumer, and Pelosi are pissed but holding firm on their pro monopoly corporate agenda!

The DNC leadership are Trump’s greatest asset!

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I know I didn’t get into business to provide health care…so if Congress wants to create Medicare for Everyone it is fine with me, and the taxpayers can have my employee healthcare insurance deduction back. Deal?


What people say they want in polls and what they are going to get from this Congress and this bastard president are two completely different things, because mark my words the Senate will vote to repeal the ACA.

And we’ll all be screwed.

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And Pelosi and Schumer total miss on the huge opportunity: Single payer Medicare for all!

Might as well vote for Trump - the Dems continue to be very Republican and continue to screw labor, the middle class, veterans and seniors. Wake up - Clinton is a Republican!

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I understand your concerns and still I believe you’re a moron.


When they’re talking about Medicare for All at RedState …

Thank you President Obama.


And, under just what circumstances does any sane person vote for Trump?

You don’t think Democrats are doing what they should? Fine! That is a matter of judgment and viewpoint, and we could debate that question.

That said: “mistaken” or “inadequate” (or whatever judgments about Democratic leadership you want to apply) do not in any way equate to “insane”, or “criminal”, or “treacherous”, or “incompetent”, or all of the other proven Trump characteristics that we “might as well vote for” . . .


Looks like all the resistance, demonstrations and who-ha manages to convey a strong message to the otherwise blissfully ignorance American voter.


Why is Bernie effing Sanders being featured here?

Is he related to georgeh?


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We Dems are also shifting. We want more, we want what the ACA could’ve been then to proceed to national insurance.
The Republicans would settle for the Obamacare status quo I think but no one wants to go backwards. Back to the pre O-care days when insurance was potentially a death sentence in itself.

McConnell, Ryan, Dumb as Dirt Trumpp and the mean Republican politicians may just pull off the impossible and change the nation’s mind collectively and get us agreeing on, believe it or not, true national healthcare-government sponsored and delivered.

The new health need will be sedatives to calm the unrepealable, cup runneth over fever and schadenfreude overload.


I, in no way, think we should be too optimistic.

You have a plan to make sure everyone who can vote next year is able to?