Discussion: Poll: Americans Disagree With Latest Obamacare Challengers On Subsidies

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Keep the government hands off my Obamacare.


“Average Americans, of course, are not legal scholars.”

This could have been written as - ‘Real Americans, of course, are not legal scholars.’

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They should be called “tax credits” instead of “subsidies”.

57% of Americans are paying little to no attention to an important case that could endanger the healthcare of 20 million people. This is why we can’t have nice things.


then what these people want is single payer

Average Americans are too dumb to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel. And if average Americans are pretty dumb, that means that almost half of Americans are dumber than that. We call these people “Republicans”.

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Regardless, the term ‘The Great Subsidizer’ on the statue’s** gonna work way better than ‘The Great Adjust Line 26503 By Relevant Amount Used of Available National Health Care Insurance Acquisition Tax Credit Provider’.

[If Republicants can recast NiCLANG Enemy of the American People #1into American Jeebus to con white folks into believing Racism in America died with MLK, hey, it’ll be no biggie for them to try us out on ‘We Secretly Convincerated Obama To Go With OUR OWN REPUBLICANT MADE Health Care Plan’, and that Boehns and O’Bee were actually secret two-fisted golf-martinis-and-smokin’ BFFS whose shared addictions brought about Americare, as revealed in Chris Matthews IV’s latest historical book-like best-seller.***

[** See, that way they can work Boehner into the statue. Oh, them Republicants, always using their thinkerators!]

[***I’m thinking a cable TV series redux-over of that old network TV show I Spy that had Robert Culp as the tennis player - now a golfer - and Bill Cosby as the personal trainer - now a combination caddie/cardiologist/wealthinvestmentguru - who were actually undercover CIA agents and secret BFFs; I expect they could also work in an LGBT angle, depending on the sponsors.]

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