Discussion: Poll: 42 Percent Of Americans Think Clinton's State Record Is A Positive

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Because Politico isn’t a right wing operation.


So 63% said her performance was fair, good, or excellent.

Show me any other current or recently out-of-office pol that has that high a rating.


First it is a single poll with a small sample, and second it is worthless because Politico has an agenda. Romney and McCain believed in polls until reality slapped them across the face.


In today’s edition of TeaFucked Orwellian Headlines, I offer you Tiger Beat on the Potomac.


Wait. Doesn’t 42% Positive v. 32% Poor mean that MORE have positive than negative views? And doesn’t that mean they actually DO rate her as positive?


Yes, but a 42% headline is juicier.


You were suppose to stick to the headlines. How can Propaganda Artists work when you won’t allow them to build a false narrative. This piece was intended for the masses not people who read between the lines.

Then I have to wonder why it is posted here?


This stuff is such nonsense. Now polls also tell us people disapprove of Obama’s handling of foreign policy, but approve of the individual elements of it. Remember when the polls told us that people disapproved of Obamacare but approved of the individual elements of it when they were described to them? Funny how that happens. On Bill Maher the other night some conservative guy was whining about Obama’s handling of Ukraine. Maher simply asked the guy what he would do that Obama isn’t already doing and the guy went all hamana hamana hamana on him.


TPM, or the free version of TPM, isn’t about journalism but the generation of revenue through advertising. That’s why, with all that’s happening around the world, the main story here is some t.v. tabloid crap about Joe Scarborough.
Josh Marshall has already admitted during one of his pitches for Prime that the non - Prime version of TPM will appeal to a mass audience. I think the term he used was “a general audience”.


Or put another way, 63% found her tenure acceptable, 32% unacceptable and 5% not sure.

I don’t think the author of that piece is using the word “dim” correctly.

Also too: “In a February 2013 Quinnipiac University survey, Clinton had a 61 percent favorable rating and a 34 percent unfavorable rating.
For much of the past 18 months, the public discussion surrounding Clinton’s time at State has focused on the attacks in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012, in which four Americans, including an ambassador, were killed.”

In other words, all this Benghazi manufactured outrage has moved the needle none%


Oh, please. A Politico agenda-driven poll, of – get this – 834 voters spread across districts all over the country? In high summer, when no one even answers the phone? Gallup, hardly a liberal shill, had Hillary a few days ago as by far the most popular presidential contender nationally.

Dave Weigel at Slate is in apoplexy about this “poll,” declaring Dems are “PANICKING!!!” about it. He also says it’s “obvious” that the relentless Benghazi focus is responsible, plus the new violence in Libya!

Seriously… how many Americans ever think about Benghazi, beyond the GOP core base? And how many even KNOW about the new violence there? 5%?


" how many Americans ever think about Benghazi, beyond the GOP core base?"

Essentially, the entire mainstream media press core who salivate at every press release they can get from the RNC. Since it means they can be lazy and just report it as “news”.


True, albeit in sporadic bursts… but how many listen to them ranting about it? Despite their hype, it’s just not a top issue for the vast majority.

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Isn’t this a little like asking about someone’s tenure as a sanitation engineer? It’s just not a job in which there are a lot of positive things these days.

OK - criticizing the sample size here is not really the big issue (834 is pretty decent), and not the accurate part to be focusing on. The problem with the Politico poll is that it’s highlighting self-identified independents when the other options are Democrat or Republican. That’s a niche which is largely filled by people who generally vote Republican or extreme-right-wing but do not identify themselves as such.

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Poll: Swing Voters Don’t Think Clinton’s State Department Record Was Positive

That’s because they have yet to be swayed…they are, after-all, swing voters. If Clinton runs for the Democratic nomination, her campaign will target swing voters for clarifying her positive contributions and accomplishments. It’s still very early.

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Yeah but they are not “swingers” so therefore hILLARYdoomfail

This pretty much sums up the state of our press.
Spot on.

I have ad blocker but I guess they can pay for the clicks regardless. So is that why four days of comments were erased and the coverage is no different than Politicaltripwire or Politico these days?

You can turn NYC and the East Coast upside down and a limited bog will never appeal to such general audience. If he loses that specific audience by triangulating on more than three issues he would have to imitate HP. I am afraid that train left the station already.

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