Discussion: Politico Hits Back At Carson Camp: No, We Didn’t Retract The Story

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Not OK to look up Carson’s past. OK to vet the reporter, though. Funniest Republicans ever!


Rupert Murdoch, through Fox News and the rest of his media monopoly, is doing an exquisite job of destroying American democracy and cementing in place the existing trend to oligarchy.
This is ultimately the doing of Ronald Reagan, and his abolition of the Fairness Doctrine and unleashing of private corporate money to take over the media. With Citizens United, the circle is complete. Democrats and liberals are now powerless to fight back


“We have a reporter that was arrested for protesting Republicans at the
convention, nine years later writes a story and we’re supposed to say
it’s just scrutiny? It’s an axe to grind. It’s ridiculous,” he told

He told Cavuto…on FOX News. The place where no one ever grinds an ax…against a Republican. How dare this, this journalist, he squealed, like a stuck pig (and now that I mention it, he kinda looks like a stuck pig too), have the nerve to write a piece that portrayed my product, er candidate, in an unfavorable light. We’ll sue him for libel, I tell you! Nine years he nurses this grudge against us and now he’s twisting the truth in the most unfair manner. Our story is a good one, a God-fearing heroic story, and we’re sticking to it.


Sometimes though?
What seems to be a tumultuous act at the outset–
in the end becomes central to an unintended demise.
All of the dark money in play at present–
may well spell the end to the GOP in an accelerated fashion.

I have a dream. (No, not that great.)
That by 2024, conservatism is dead, Citizens United overturned,
gerrymandering counter-acted, and (D)s control all 3 branches–
and a firm majority on the SCOTUS.

Could go into my dream in detail–
but it would still seem too, too far-fetched.
The beginning of it has started to play out in reality–
so I’ll keep the flame of hope burning.



“Scrutiny is fine, but you can’t fabricate things,” Bennett said. Seems he should be saying this the lying Dr.


poor, poor ben carson. how can anybody question anything he says?, he is such a victim. just ask him.


When it comes to victimhood, he’s right up there with the Whore of Babble On.


All this time, I figured Kyle Cheney was Dick Cheney’s love child.

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Bennett: “You wouldn’t be able to do these awful things if we weren’t in this chair!”

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Powerless to fight back?

That seems silly based on our country’s history.


Is that the same Kyle Cheney that Carson rescued from the cold waters of the Atlantic during the Mariel Boatlift?


David Carr wrote this in 2008 When Fox News Is the Story

And now, the GOP is extending the same practices to reporters reporting about GOP candidates.

We’ll see whether it works, won’t we, whether this is successful. My hunch is no, because while peak wing nut can never be reached, it can sound nutty enough to be excluded from the WH.

Problem that Dems face, of course, is that increasingly, the only office they seem able to hold is national.

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And…you ROCK, jw1.

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Also, bad math: wasn’t 9 years later, was it?

In response to Patterman and with apologies to Bluto from Animal House:

What the fuck happened to the America I used to know? Where’s the spirit?
Where’s the guts, huh? This could be the greatest night of our lives,
but you’re gonna let it be the worst. “Ooh, we’re afraid to go with you
Bernie and Hilary, we might get in trouble.” Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not
me! I’m not gonna take this. Trump, he’s a dead man! Carson, dead!


Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?


Shhh. I’m on a roll.



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Will you be replacing your plastic Jesus with a dashboard Doctor (Ben)?