Discussion: Political Earthquake: Who Will Succeed Harry Reid As Senate Dem Leader?

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Whoever is best at writing sternly worded warning letters will succeed Harry Reid


Answer: No one.

That plays off the word “Succeed”. History is going to serve Harry Reid’s reputation very very well.

Durbin seems like the classic top assistant or veep; something surprising or at least Truman-esque would have to happen to turn him into the leader. Schumer seems like a player, not a leader, and the message from his being leader would be all wrong. Of this small group, I’d rather the Dems took their chances with Murray, with something like Reid’s toughness and not nearly the Wall Street puppet Schumer appears to be.

Another reason I’d favor Murray is that even if they by-passed apparent second-banana Durbin and the games-playing Schumer to get into some real talent in the second line (Warren, Brown, Klobuchar, Whitehouse), she seems better at combining leadership with skill at procedure and rules.

Reid’s leaving is a big problem.


Just what we need in these challenging times. Another corporatist.


Oh, good. Schumer can be Minority Leader for at least 12 more years, then.


No. Not Schumer. He’s exactly the wrong guy to lead Dems when they need to appeal to the rank and file, not Wall Street. If there’s got to be a fight amongst Durbin, Murray and Schumer, so be it. Will be interesting to see where Warren, Klobuchar, and progressives like Sherrod Brown come down on this.


He’s seen publicly as a media-hungry and elbow-throwing progressive fighter who lusts for confrontation with Republicans.

Really? I mean I don’t think he is a DINO or anything, but “elbow-throwing progressive fighter” seems like a bit of an oversell.


And Harry ought to be concentrating on getting a Dem elected in Nevada, rather than appointing a successor in the Senate.


True. That would be more along the lines of Sherrod Brown.

Have to say, I said it here before on the previous thread. Harry’s been “grooming” him for a while now. Lately, Schumer hasn’t been quite as much of an obvious handmaiden to Wall Street meaning I haven’t seen him coming out of a closed meeting with Wall Street wiping his chin. He maybe an ass but he’s not stupid; I think he sees the way the winds are blowing.

My guess is Schumer gets Minority Leader, Durbin gets second in command.


Isn’t it a bit tiring having all these groups always jumping on Warren’s bandwagon when she clearly states she is not interested? Could not resources be better spent on candidates that are clearly interested? And finally, yes Klobuchar would be interesting (if she is interested).


THIS is why we should never elect Schumer as Majority leader:

The man is interested in holding power, not using it for good.


You get no argument from me on that. But I’m pretty sure this is a done deal.

The real “fight”, IMO, is going to be between Durbin and Murray for the number 2 spot. It should go to Murray; Durbin brings very litle to the table.

No, No, No, No! If you want to shed Democrats across the nation then pick camera loving Chuch who is the biggest shill for Wall Street and AIPAC in the Democratic Party. How about a real Democrat like Sherrod Brown, Dick Durbin, Patty Murray, Sheldon Whitehouse, Elizabeth Warren. Enough with the senority crap. Pick someone that really trys to do the job for Americans instead of career egomaniacs so out of touch with the nation like Chuck.


I lived in WA state for a long time and Patty is great; outspoken, really fights for the Vets, honest and very hardworking. She would be a real match for any GOP leader.


Whoever is chosen, it needs to be someone with the support of the caucus, and an intricate knowledge of arcane procedure and strategy.


Say goodbye to the income inequality platform.


Yes, Klobuchar does seem impressive, as do Murray and Whitehouse. But I don’t see Brown or Warren in this role.


It would be quite fascinating to see if Chuck Schumer would be able to take the di*k and balls of both Wall Street and Israel out of his mouth long enough to say or do anything as leader in the Senate.


Elizabeth Warren as Democratic leader! Reid too often churns out the same ol’ tired swill and is turned off or tuned out by the public…Liz’ won’t allow that to happen!

In any case, guess Harry just couldn’t see running for office again, huh?

Sorry bout’ that! It had to be said.

Harry may be among the last of his kind…a strong Democrat who is a Mormon___A unicorn of Kolob. And…gawwd’…I hope Harry can help keep a Democrat in that NV seat.
[*Wonder who the Republicans will run: Sandoval (gad’ help us; he is popular); Sue (barter with your doctor) Lowden; Sharron (obtuse) Angle…or just go full batshit and nominate Cliven Bundy???]

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I know ReaLiberals like to blame Obama for being unable to pass more liberal healthcare reform, but they forget that at one point Chuck Schumer was threatening to blow the whole thing up if Obama kept talking about a public option. That’s also why I don’t at all want to see him as Minority/Majority Leader…among other reasons. I would like Warren or Gillibrand or Sherrod Brown, someone who can get loud and be forceful, someone who’s not going to be talking about “my friend” in reference to Mitch McConnell.