Discussion: Police Union Calls For De Blasio To Be Barred From Officers' Funerals

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Very un-classy move, PBA.


The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, New York City’s largest police union, on Friday called on cops to keep Mayor Bill de Blasio away from police officers’ funerals.

These are the union thugs the right wingers always talk about, right? Right?

A very childish move on this associations part.


Just as with the torture report, the offense is not the killing of young, unarmed black men, it’s talking about it. That’s what they get upset about.


Why are thugs and bullies always so thin-skinned? They’re doing a disservice to all decent cops (and yes, they exist, too)


I guess it’s possible the gross insularity the Police Union is showing here is consistent with the Mayor’s and most New Yorker’s concern with the PD? It’s that “me first” thing that scares people and makes them think the Cop’s see themselves as uber mensch…and you should be happy to die in one of their mistakes.
I hope the PBA sees a dive in donations and sets this right. If not for those they are sworn to protect and serve at least for the money.


This is exactly the kind of tone deaf response that makes police organizations threatening and scary. They are public servants in a free society and as such, they, like everyone else, are subject to criticism. That they want to publicly ban all criticism and shame all critics is anti-democratic and anti-American.

We don’t have secret police in this country. Or at least, we are not suppose too.


The Richmond CA Police Chief held a “Black lives matter” sign while in uniform at a protest in that city recently and is being criticized by the union representing the department’s members.


Years ago the police would say that PIG meant “Pride, Integrity and Guts.” Today it means pigs.


My thoughts exactly.


Methinks the Police Benevolent Association might want to take the time to look up the word “benevolent”. The irony seems to be lost on them.


guess they want giuliani to ride in on his broomstick


“The PBA was angry with de Blasio’s remarks following the Eric Garner decision about how his son Dante has to be careful when interacting with the police.”

This is where you want to take a stand?

If these jackasses believe they have the public behind them on this, it’s only because they live in a suburban bubble in Rockland or Jersey where their idiot buddies think the same way.
Maybe they need to be reminded that they are servants of the public in the boroughs and not outside mercenaries.


Like most Union members, they sometimes disagree with leadership on various issues.

Comment deleted, I went off topic.

Try not to judge all unions like the PBA. Not all are so insular.

The PBA appears to have lost their pride and seem to defend their subjects at all costs. Get their fruitcakes and thugs help should be their mantra. It is a hard job and the ability to recognize the up and downs a cop goes through should bolster their professional cause, instead they seem to lash out like a dysfunctional child.

I am sick of calls from the Police Benevolent Association - a mischaracterization for a name!
I usually just get off the line. Next time I receive such a call, I will tell them they need to change their name to be more descriptive of who they actually are.

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Who are you dealing with?
Steamfitters? Ironworkers? Local 3 Electricians?

I’m with the Carpenters.
I find it hard to believe that what you describe is really going on if you’re dealing with us.
If you have anything involving corruption, just give the facts or PM me with the information and I guarantee that it will be straightened out right away.

Every single area of human endeavor has a certain percentage of people who will be corrupt from banking to journalism to the clergy.
Unions are no exception but nor are they the rule.


I’ve been a supporter of unions for many, many years and still am. But these guys are just wrong. They’re supposed to ensure the safety of all citizens not just their brothers (and sisters) in blue. I guess they don’t understand or care that one rogue or corrupt cop spoils the entire lot? Maybe it doesn’t (at least as far as RW’s are concerned), but it should. What was it your Mom & Dad always said, respect has to be earned? They’re not earning it.

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