Discussion: Police Responding To Report Of Active Shooter At Oregon Community College

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Where’s the Good Guy With a Gun? Only he can save the kids now. Just ask Wild West Wayne.


CNN is reporting 10 people dead. This will now top the news cycle. So all talk of Kevin McCarthy will become water under the bridge as far as cable news goes. Just watch and you’ll see the McCarthy story disappear faster than a fart in a fan factory.


The early reports say at least 10 dead. 20 wounded. Shit.


Over and over, and our leaders are too cowardly to address the real problem.


NRA scares 'em too much…


Well. Given the frequency of mass shootings, the chances of one pushing the story off the headlines were pretty good. Because America.


Another violent day in Amerika. Well, we were due…It’s been at least a couple of weeks, hasn’t it? We’re forced to expect this now because…why is that, again?

Makes me sick. So Fuck You Verry Much NRA, and your toady bought-off politicians that carry that fetid water for you on a daily basis.

BTW, a guy was shot in the stomach in a Catholic church parking lot in my city just yesterday, but that one only made our local news with a blip.


“Special Report with Bret Baier!” will have to assemble a round table to flesh out why Obama continues to want all these college students killed.


How’s the gun doing? It apparently has Second Amendment Rights.


While here in Florida they are in the process of approving a campus carry law. What could go wrong ? What is the matter with these people.
Here we go again - just remember this and weep
David Wheeler Newtown dad
“I would like every parent in this country — that’s 150 million people,” Wheeler told CBS’s Scott Pelley. “I would like them to look in the mirror and that’s not a figure of speech, Scott. I mean find a mirror in your house and look in it and look in your eyes and say ‘this will never happen to me, this will never happen in my school, this will never happen in my community,’ and see if you actually believe that. And if there’s a shadow, the slightest shadow of doubt in what you’ve said? Think about what you can do to change that,” Wheeler said. “It is going to happen again. It’s going to happen again. Every time, it’s somebody else’s school, it’s somebody else’s community, it’s somebody else’s town. Until one day, you wake up and it’s not.”


I don’t think you’re wrong but if 10 people get murdered and your first thought are the political implications you might want to step back for a little while and get some perspective.


But the Republicans are not too cowardly to exacerbate it by following the NRA policy directives.

FYI: NRA leadership salaries as of 2010 per Forbes:

As for salaries, fifty-six people in the organization earned more than $100,000 in 2010—and 10 made more than $250,000. Lapierre does not top the list. Kayne B. Robinson, the executive director of general operations does. He was paid just over $1 million. Lapierre was second, pulling in $970,000 in reportable and estimated comp.

Chris W. Cox, the executive director of the group’s lobbying efforts, was third. He earned just over $666,000.




Other nations should issue travel advisories for their citizens visiting the United States, requiring those departing to sign waivers acknowledging they’re entering a dangerous destination. Maybe have their domestic life insurance companies relieved of payment obligations in case of gun related deaths suffered by travelers to the U.S.


But this is not the first time this has happened. Your advice makes sense for the first time but not for the tenth.

Just pretend she not talking politics about this time but about the next time, will that protect your sensitive feelings?


Yikes! John Blackwood; THAT John Blackwood is a friend of mine

There certainly aren’t any human implications, judging from lack of Congressional action in response to such nonsense.


Holy fucking shit another shooting! What the hell people…


Republicans reach for their talking points:

“Where was the good guy with a gun?”
“It’s too soon to talk about gun control”
“There the liberals go again, politicizing this tragedy.”
“If everyone had been armed, this never would have happened.”
“You know who else believed in gun control? Hitler.”
“It’s all the fault of liberal educators.”

…and my favorite:

“There’s nothing that can be done.”