Discussion: Police Raid Convicted Va. Dem's Office On The Day Of Special Election

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“Morrissey, formerly a Democrat, is running as an independent in Tuesday’s special election.”

C’mon TPM … why does the headline say Dem’s office?


Ah yes, Virginia Politics. Former Governor going to jail for selling his office despite him throwing his wife under the bus. Now a member of the state legislature in jail for … umm … you know … his underage receptionist. And the police investigation over alleged forged documents relating to the underage receptionist and child support payments.

I don’t need soap opera’s, I just pay attention to Virginia “politics” in action :smiley:


HTH is he still practicing? Most state bars tend to be really unforgiving about illicit sex with minors.


This is just a distraction from Benghazi.




Smells funny, but it seems like there’s shit on both ends of the stick in this situation. The dude sounds like a total jackass, but the raid’s timing sounds political.


He’s a PIG he needs to get out of politics.

“The Virginia Way”…once a slogan spoken of with pride ____has now become a punchline.

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As a Richmonder, a lifelong Virginian and Democratic, Joe Morrissey is and always has been an embarrassment to Virginia.

“I just f____ed my boss.” Well, good on her for using the f-word in the grammatically correct way, instead of as an adjective or adverb.


I’m so ashamed of my behavior that I feel unworthy to hold office, therefore I resign my seat. What? There’s an open seat? I hereby announce that I am running for the seat I left open when I resigned!

I thought the bar was more or less ok with anything except stealing clients $$. And it was a misdemeanor.

What the hell?

I think the dems put pressure on him to resign. That is why he’s running as an independent. There was also some issue regarding furloughs and being able to vote in session beyond the time he’s allowed out of jail.

Well, after all Virginia is for lovers …


In North Carolina, there are, based on my review of the ethics decisions, three, and only three, things that will lose you your law license on your first appearance before the ethics committee: 1) using your position as an employer and an attorney representing young women in divorce and criminal proceedings to administer spankings to female clients and employees over a number of years, 2) touching a fifteen year old girl on the inner thigh in a hot tub and, 3) putting one single penny of client money in your trust fund into your own pocket. And that’s it. Everything else will get you a reprimand or a censure (public or private censure) on your first and second offenses.

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[quote] … where he continues to practice and run his campaign thanks to a work-release agreement that allows him to spend 12 hours a day, seven days a week out of prison. [/quote] WTF, O?

Sounds like he was convicted of breaking into Watergate instead of something actually illegal - you know like statutory rape??.

In the unlikely eventuality that a political hatchet job was necessary, I think I might actually support it.

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http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/ofhs/prevention/dsvp/varapelaws/laws_rape.html so we can assume the child is 13 to 15 years old. Do they get schooling in Virginia beyond 5th grade?

And the winner is … Joe Morrissey! http://www.richmond.com/news/local/central-virginia/charles-city/article_a9102796-ca6f-5eb0-b3eb-967881e4ca50.html