Discussion: Police Probe Tip Of Smollett In Elevator With Accused Men On Night Of Attack

The Jussie Smollett saga has become exhausting. Meanwhile, the investigative work by Chicago police has taken center stage.


Sad part if this was some staged act, is that gay haters will use this to label all real acts of violence against gays.


If a fake story, that is so depressing and so incredibly stupid on his part. It would hurt so many causes.


Yep, absolutely appalling. What a selfish and destructive way to try to win attention and sympathy.


hitting pause on this should have been an obvious call with the rope around the neck bit being so over the top…lots of bigots beat people up,very few walk around the city with a @#$%$#@! rope to noose anybody… now while FOX news pretends GOP voter fraud & vote theft in north carolina never happened they can run a dozen stories about this idiot…with friends like this …


May end up as a timely cautionary tale of reflexively believing everyone who comes out with something. And wait for independent validation.


This thing hasn’t added up from the very beginning. I’m familiar with the area and it’s just not a place for a random hate crime. Just happened to have a noose and bleach in Steeterville at 2 am on one of the coldest nights of the year? Could of attacked a homeless person on Lower Michigan or Lower Wacker, but instead just happened to find a celebrity?


Sure, but people still rushed to believe it.

It’s sad that we’ve come to glorify being a victim. It’s become the easiest way to fame and fortune.


This fraudulent dumbass just undermined every cause he claims to support, and just made it that much harder for actual victims of hate crimes to get justice. Nice job, asshole. He should get the same sentence for filing a false report, lying to police, and obstructing justice as his fabricated “attackers” would have received.


There’s also the suspicious letter with powder that was sent to him at work the week prior. If he did that, he’s facing some real serious shit.


Seems likely he did that too, and reports are that he was pissed that the letter did not get enough attention, so he took it to the next level.


Yes, as soon as I heard it I thought, this doesn’t sound like something that would happen in Chicago. Plenty of bad stuff here, but not many hopped-up confederate-style rednecks wandering around the Gold Coast late at night!

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This has been happening for the last few years. There is a well organized effort by the alt-right to promote every instance of ‘false allegations’ as being the norm.

This story since the narrative changed to “false flag” has been ‘liked’, ‘upvoted’, and shared far more than when it was just about the initial attack. Sure the “story” got more interesting then, but as an example on Reddit this false flag story has been one of the highest promoted stories on the popular news channel for days. Days! With multiple people spending real world money to ‘gild’ and promote it.

The alt-right is gonna meme the hell out of this. And I know it’s fashionable for many liberals to dismiss such tactics outright as inconsequential, but it works. And the Alt-right is really good at this sort of propaganda. As it is now there is always a highly ‘popular’ post on any racial attack as it is saying ‘probably a false flag’ and now they’re gonna have a more recent example to cite other than the Israeli kid who threatened other jews a while ago. Hell the day the racist sword attack guy got sentence last week the top story on many sites was this screaming ‘false flag’.


> Police Probe Tip Of Smollett In Elevator With Accused Men On Night Of Attack

It was just the tip, baby.


Yeah, that line produced a “wait a minute - what?” from me.

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Just imagine what could have happened here. One could easily imagine a scenario, with a slightly more sophisticated plan, and/or a slightly less diligent, less skeptical investigation, where someone could have been charged and even convicted in this case, for a “crime” that never happened. Truly frightening.

And now, as noted by other posters above, all the right-wing imbeciles will latch onto this story as if it is the rule rather than the exception, even further discouraging real victims from reporting real crimes.

This lying, narcissistic jackass should be locked up on stupidly grounds alone.

It is fake, every last second of it. Victims of crimes do not hire lawyers to represent them, all lawyers who do are scuzzy. Specially hog the shot and the microphone Gloria. She cares nothing about her clients, only the all important publicity=$$$. Why would this idiot kill his career like that?