Discussion: Police: MD Shooter Sent Letter Saying He'd 'Kill As Many People' As He Could

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Lock this maniac up (after trial, of course), throw away the key and let’s never speak of him again. Another nut with a gun; I hope the NRA is very proud of his actions.

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It does need to be asked. How did he get his weapons?

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Legally. One of the first questions asked and answered. It was a shotgun, acquired a year or so ago, because Maryland does have some gun laws that kept him from acquiring the usual AK15. Apparently though, a long record of public and privately conveyed threats and involvement of courts doesn’t disqualify you from passing the background check - or, he slipped through the loophole where if the federal government can’t return a “no” within a certain timeframe it becomes an automatic pass.

I think I remember seeing that the paper was intimidated by his threats to the point that they did not ask for a restraining order, for fear of inflaming the situation. A common call of domestic violence victims, actually.

So on the one hand you have the lives of the victims, their families, their friends, their co-workers, their neighbors, everyone whose lives they intersected with.

On the other hand you’ve got easy access to guns by people with a history of threatening behavior.

Which matters more? NRA? GOP? Bueller?