Discussion: Police: Killings Of Two Black Men In Baton Rouge Likely Racially Motivated

“There is a strong possibility that it could be racially motivated,” he said.

Ya think?


I’d be interested in hearing from our lawyer friends here about the possibility of lawsuits against groups that a reasonable person would say help instigate racial and other kinds of violence committed by people with diminished judgment. And I’m a free-speech hawk. But it would be a good thing IMHO if Duke, Spencer, Jones, Limbaugh, and all the smaller fry thought about financial consequences if their stuff shows up in browsing histories and so forth. If this is the guy, and I hope it is, he’s ruined God knows how many lives, and the people who cynically egged him on have a moral obligation to answer for it.


Wait; he’s white. We can’t jump to conclusions!


as a resident of baton rouge, i can say first hand there’s plenty enough murdering in this town that doesn’t involve racism.

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He´s also not left-wing, or a juggalo.

We´ve got a real puzzle on our hands with this one.


I think you’re in the wrong place. With this crowd, if you’re white, you’re guilty.

SPLC has had considerable success in bringing suits much as you describe, probably the most well-known of which was Morris Dees’ representation of Michael Donald’s mother in a suit against the United Klans of America after individual Klan members/scum of the earth that can’t be called human lynched young Mr, Donald. Dees successfully argued that the Klan organization was responsible for the acts of its individual members because its rhetoric, and indeed its goal and purpose, intended to produce such violence. The judgment forced the UKA to sell their headquarters to pay part of the judgment.

SPLC has successfully used the same strategy in several other suits, forcing racist groups and individuals into bankruptcy. My personal favorite of these was the suit against Tom Metzger and his demon spawn, and the White Aryan Resistance (las opposed to a non-white aryan, I suppose) for inciting the fatal beating of a college student from Ethiopea, Mulugeta Seraw, by individual WAR members. The judgment forced the Metzgers and WAR into bankruptcy and effectively shut them down for quite awhile.

This is why SPLC is one non-profit to which I continue to donate. https://www.splcenter.org


That’s a good example—I couldn’t think of a direct one, so thanks. I’ll research those ones some more. SPLC is a great outfit and their website is an excellent resource.


My favorite part is when the plaintiffs/SPLC get control of the names and trademarks of the racist groups. Really puts a kink in their marketing plans.


horrido, i don’t share that point of view. the TPM staff and readers have no problems condemning people when they’ve committed wrongdoing regardless of race.

What a Dumb Ass, all he needed was a badge ?


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When it*s racially motivated , is it a longer or shorter jail sentence ? Oh wait , white man kills two black men , just a slapped wrist .
Condolences to the families .

I’ll bet I agree, even if you did delete it…

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Sometimes, ugh, you just don’t want to start up with someone, you know what I mean? :innocent:

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