Discussion: Police Kill Suspect In Copenhagen Shootings

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I hope the Danish authorities don’t assume he acted alone. They should remain vigilant and conduct a complete investigation.

When is somebody going to point out that if you believe we are made in the image of God, murder is the greatest of all blasphemies.

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Netanyahu’s lack of self-awareness is breathtaking.

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Chief Rabbi of Denmark slapped Bibi down: (From The Telegraph)

14.01 Benjamin Netanyahu has clashed with Denmark’s chief rabbi after seizing on Saturday’s deadly shootings in Copenhagen to call on European Jews to emigrate en mass to Israel.

Rabbi Jair Melchior said he was “disappointed” by the comments of Mr Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, who made a fresh plea for Jewish emigration while extending condolences to Denmark over the twin attacks.

“Terror is not a reason to move to Israel,” Melchior concluded.


Impressed with the statement just issued by Queen Margrethe of Denmark. No hysteria. No over-blown rhetoric.

It is with sorrow that I learn of the extent of the last day’s events. My thoughts go out to the killed film director and the young security guard from the Jewish community, who became targets for the perpetrator’s actions. I send my deepest sympathy to the relatives and to the injured police officers.

I want to thank the police and the authorities for their quick and efficient efforts.

It is important during such a serious situation that we stand together and protect the values that Denmark is founded on.


“This wave of attacks is expected to continue, as well as murderous anti-Semitic attacks. Jews deserve security in every country, but we say to our Jewish brothers and sisters, Israel is your home.”’

Pardon my naivete here.
Wouldn’t the most basic understanding of the above statement-- to those wishing Jews harm-- seem to mean:

If you keep shooting Jews-- they will eventually leave to return to Israel?


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Never let a tragedy go to waste without scoring some political points.


Bibi must have forgotten history. Occupied Denmark, during World War II, was the only nation to save all their Jewish citizens. Bibi’s Likudism won’t go over well in Denmark.

It is sad that this extremist minority of muslims may well lead to a period of ethnic cleansing. These attacks upon random noncombatants must not continue.

The big winners are the nativist parties in Northern Europe. Some 6,000 irregular migrants enter the EU space daily, and sometimes they get pushed north from Italy or Greece on to France, Germany or Poland, or via Eastern Europe to Northern Europe. Sweden, for example, has had a normalized process for people seeking asylum for political and belief reasons. However, we now have public institutions that have yet to recognize such phenomena as climate or overpopulation-driven migration, or if they do, they have not yet developed policy.

Syria is a classic case, with its population exploding from 6 million in 1980 to 23 million today - with no appreciable increase in the amount of water, arable land or other resources (e.g. its 2% forest is being converted to firewood). Egypt now has a larger population than Germany’s, and ISIS has apparently declared part of the Sinai its territory. We’re talking about informal resource-grabbing, piracy, DIY terrorism and generally a breakdown of institutional processes (in places where institutions weren’t too robust to start with). Indeed, even religious institutions, which should control the agency powers of their congregations, seem to have broken down. This is horrifying to cultures that have enjoyed centuries of relative institutional stability, with fairness, tribal pride and sharing of resources at the core of their belief systems.

Many Jews see a parallel in what is happening now in Europe to the lead-up to WW2 and the Holocaust. Another Jew is murdered for being Jewish and the PM says something about an attack on “freedom of speech”. Yes, there was an attack on freedom of speech, but there was also an attack on Jews, not for their freedom of speech, but just for being Jews. Time after time, another Jew is murdered and the public and official government responses in Europe are dismissive. When Jews are murdered by Islamists it can be understood as a reasoned response to “the occupation”, while when a non-Jew is murdered it is attack on “our precious European values”.
The Jewish community is starting to call “bullshit”. The Islamists are taking over Europe and many native Europeans seem to be willing (or more than willing) to sacrifice their Jewish neighbors to placate the extremists. Either that, or murder of the Jews is seen as the one upside to this catastrophe. As a Jew, if I was living in France, Belgium or a number of other places in Europe I would already be making preparations to leave for Israel, the United Sates, or Australia.
I suspect this may be the final chapter in the story of European Jewry and I hope my European brothers and sisters can emigrate before it is too late.