Discussion: Police Investigate Motive Behind 'Targeted' Sheriff Murder

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Maybe we can get a movement going called “All lives matter”.

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‘Targeted’ is a very appropriate characterization of the DWB stop of Sandra Bland seen from the arresting cop’s dashcam.


The killing has evoked strong emotions in the local law enforcement community, with Hickman linking it to heightened tension over the treatment of African-Americans by police.

Because clearly its a good idea for the head of a law enforcement agency to have a preconceived explanation of the motive for a crime they’re investigating. And how convenient that that motive cuts off any need to really dig in and investigate whether there was something about this particular deputy that led to the crime.

This death is regrettable and tragic and my heart goes out to all his loved ones, but it’s amazing to me how when a black person is killed by a white person or, especially, a white cop, we see this minute inspection of every aspect of the victim’s life in a nearly hysterical quest to find a reason–often even mere evidence of marijuana use–to prove that victim was “no angel,” a “thug” who had it coming, yet when a white person, and especially a white cop, is killed by a black man, there’s an irrebuttable presumption of complete innocence of the victim that cuts off any need even for inquiry.


I winced when I heard Hickman’s comments. The man really doesn’t get what the BLM movement is about, but he certainly wants to show that he cares after a cop is killed.

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Hickman is an irresponsible ass. It’s incendiary to blame, without a shred of evidence, the BLM movement for the death of the officer. Hickman is unfit to lead his department.

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I’m not sure that it is very smart to publicize this angle of the investigation. The person they have in custody has a criminal record. Some of it is the usual BS involving resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, but why not focus on criminal activity as the motivating factor primarily?

The deputy could easily be dirty, for example.

The article I read in today’s paper mentioned the BLM angle, but it seemed prefunctory and almost non-sequitor with the balance of the story. This story makes it much clearer that the Sheriff is seriously considering a racial element to the crime.

It is very unlikely we will ever be satisfied that the true motives were determined in this crime.

Either mob/gang related, or some kind of payoff-killing where the killer “owed” someone a life.
Maybe this deputy was going to spill the beans on the Sheriff’s Department there (widely known as highly corrupt) and they “silenced” him.
Or, it may be just what it seemed, a random killing of a cop by a nut who wanted to kill a cop, any cop. I am surprised the killer is still alive and has not “committed suicide” in his cell with nothing but a convenient trash bag.

Can there be any doubt that the killer of a white sheriff’s deputy in Texas will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law?
Supporters of Black Lives Matter simply want to be able to say the same thing when a member of their community is killed or injured by law enforcement.

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