Discussion: Police: Domino's Pizza Delivery Led To 'Affluenza' Teen's Arrest In Mexico

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Domino’s Pizza: “We’ll apprehend your affluenzic teen within 30 days, and your extradition from Mexico is free!”


This kid’s problem isn’t “affluenza.”

Yeah, I know I’m not a doctor and its over diagnosed even by qualified people, but . . .


Another criminal betrayed by lust for pepperoni.


“”"“affluenza.” The condition is not recognized as a medical diagnosis by the American Psychiatric Association, and its invocation drew ridicule"""

Well it worked in a courtroom. This asshole killed 4 people and walked.


I killed 4 people and seriously destroyed 2 other peoples lives while driving drunk ran to mexico to escape my measly punishment and got cought…and all I’m gonna is 4 lousy months in jail…poor poor pitiful me


Is there a Darwin award for fugitives?


What the f*&k is up with all these illegal immigrants seeking to flee their criminal past in our country?! Uh, wait a minute…


Stupid to use your American tellco cell phone and then to top it all off to use your US bank credit card for the purchase…


Guess the ‘affluenza’ may be wearing off. They weren’t caught until they moved away from the glitzy part of town and had to subsist on Domino’s pizza of all things.

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i can just see the discussion now:

Mom: We should order tacos, you know, to fit in.


Mom: Of course, dear, whatever you want. Do you want a tequila with that or just beer?


The stupidity of these people is astounding. He was facing a max of four months in juvenile detention. Because it was his first violation, a seemingly minor one in which it doesn’t sound as though he committed a crime, and because the violation appears to be related to an addiction for which he’s being treated, he probably wouldn’t have gotten the full four months. Even if he did, with his parents money and ability to keep his commissary stocked, it probably would’ve been a fairly unremarkable stint.

Now he’s made national news again. The whole mess is being relitigated in the court of public opinion, and folks are justifiably angry all over again. The courts HAVE to come after him with both barrels blazing. His case will almost certainly be moved to adult court, and he’ll now be facing ten years in a TX prison if/when he violates again. And he’ll almost certainly get violated again. A probation officer who is determined enough to violate a probationer will almost certainly find a way to do so. And his dumb ass mother? She may wind up doing ten years herself. Idiots.


If I’m reading this right, they’re fleeing from a sentence lasting a few months at worst, using their own cell phones, and paying for pizza with their own credit cards. No cash, no intermediaries, etc. I am beginning to suspect “affluenza” isn’t the culprit, rather that these bulbs simply aren’t too bright.


Yes, between the two of them they’re looking at doing a total of 20 years versus the four months he would’ve done of the probation violation. It also occurs to me that he’ll now do his jail time with everyone knowing his face and all the inmates knowing his punk ass was so afraid of doing four months he fled to Mexico.


Leave it to the inmates to dole out justice

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Affluenza trivializes the sociopathic behavior of the narcissistic 1%. Not all wealthy people are like this, but too many seem to suffer from the pathology. Same as it ever was.


This is also known as Shrubya Syndrome.


I don’t know about fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and I realize that “affluenza” is not a legal term.

That said, Ethan is certainly emblematic of some kind of “privileged child of inherited wealth” disorder. I see similarities (in the feeling that Ethan clearly has of being privileged above all others) to Donald Trump and to both Koch brothers. Robert Reich was discussing his new book on CSPAN-2 and he pointed out that right now America is seeing the greatest transfer of unearned wealth ever transferred to inheritors who did not earn that wealth, but it appears to me that the attitude of “affluenza” is a primary motivator to the 1% (as they work so hard to destroy the Republican Party to get lower taxes on their inheritance.

I have yet to see a picture of Ethan Couch in which he is not smirking as thought he sees his “privilege” being worked out by the lesser people who are surrounding him.


LA Times reported he can only get 120 days, but his mom faces two to 10 years.

With Ethan’s feeling of (unwarranted) self-centered privilege he is probably going to be angry at the people who are arresting him again and trying to get him back to the states.

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