Discussion: Police Chief Slaps Down Critic Who Says He Called His Own Department Racist

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It is just me or do cops seem really thin-skinned and whiny these days?


Classy response…and needed in a town where police-community relations have been
a real sore point in recent years. The chief is demonstrating the qualities that got him hired
in the first place and why he was chosen. The department in recent years has demonstrated
the qualities of the good old boy network it has been…including an outright refusal to cooperate
in any way with an expert brought in to try and initiate data-driven decision making in the allocation
of departmental resources…a process that has been increasingly used in more forward-thinking
departments. Good luck to the new chief and keep up the good work…


Chief. may God bless you, if every police chief in America were as wonderfully brave as you are, there would be much less police brutality.


I don’t think “slaps down” is an accurate reflection of what the Chief said. His response was clear and classy. If the union boss wants to be whinny I guess he can, but acting like there is no racism in his department isn’t helping his cause one little bit.


Like any very, very large group - some are - some aren’t.

The reasons are complex -
Some get up every day seeking to preserve the peace, be just, fair, objective, polite, color blind, and dedicate themselves to having infinite patience.
Others see their job differently - they are employed to “get bad guys” and they have settled on their own definition of “bad guys” - and they had long since departed from the idea of trying to be “fair” (because you are dealing with ‘thugs’ - don’t ya know) & they take the most expeditious paths available to them to reduce the “bad guy” population on the street - either through incarceration - or permanent elimination.

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¨The reality of U.S. policing is that our enforcement efforts have a disparate impact on communities of color. This is a statistical fact. You know, as well as I, the social factors driving this reality. The gross disparity in wealth and opportunity is evident in our city. Frustration and disorder are certain to follow. The predominant patterns of our city’s increased violence involves black victims as well as actors. If we are to address this violence, we must work together with our communities of color.¨

Damn, that’s it, isn’t it? Unfortunately, Fox News, the Republican Party, and a fair number of racist cops can’t admit, for purely ideological reasons*, that something is wrong in our country in how we treat the poor and people of color.

*Well, I suppose that there’s also the little matter of them wanting to keep all the public money for themselves…


It’s not just you. But if you have them crying its a start. You can bet FOP’s all over the nation are going to squawk but this is the time to keep applying the pressure. Keep the videos up on YouTube and continue peaceful protest.

And get over the “cop thing”. Yes many are good guys but that vast majority of us are good guys too and that never stopped a Cop from hammering one of us. They lie and they do it often. They murder and they do that more than we would like to think. They do these things and no Union is going to fix it. They will perpetuate it. We have to stop it and we have our best shot at that now…than we have had in decades. Union bosses know that.

It’s interesting that the FOP self-identifies as racists. The police chief says he stands against racism and the FOP says ‘hey, he’s talking about us’. The smart move on the part of the FOP would have been to say that they also stand against racism instead of saying ‘don’t call us racists’. Methinks the FOP doth protest too much.


Police Chief Slaps Down Critic

Chief McLay erected a wall of thoughtful maturity. If FOP President McQuillan chose to run into it with his face, that’s on him.

If you object to this statement, “I resolve to challenge racism @ work. #EndWhiteSilence.”, you are probably a racist.
No offense intended, sometimes the truth hurts.