Discussion: Police: Boy Dies After Shooting Himself In The Head At Camp

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Guns but not gays at Boy Scout camps. Idiots.


Have a nice summer…

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Maybe they need to play with dildos instead of guns at camp?


Fuck that. If my kid was at that camp…he’d be home or on his way heading home.
Camp sure ain’t what it used to be…


‘Parents were not asked to pick up their children and the camp was expected to continue…’

Not even a refrain of Kumbaya?

Camper: 'Where’s Timmy?
Counselor: ‘Watering the Tree of Liberty…’



Clearly, the gun was homosexual.

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[quote] Parents were not asked to pick up their children and the camp was expected to continue, according to KNSD. [/quote]  Just another American shooting death. Nothing to see here.

Carry On.

PS - Is the gun OK? Was it cleaned, reloaded and “re-secured” at the same camp after the shooting?


My 8 YO grandson is a Cub Scout, and I can’t imagine my daughter and son-in-law (aka the most liberal Eagle Scout on the planet) not picking him up from camp under these circumstances. He himself would probably be begging to come home.


According to another article I read, there aren’t any guns at the camp. It’s aquatics oriented, kayaking, sailing, etc., but I get your point.

Is there a merit badge for this?

I wonder who thought they needed a handgun at boy scout camp?

Yeah, this is the untold part of the story - where did that gun come from? Some RWNJ’s interpretation of “be prepared?”

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At least he died free…

I think there actually is for rifle and shotgun shooting. They use firearms in conjunction with an certified NRA leader it seems. I tried to look it up and this is what I found. You be the judge…

What I would like to know from this article, did the boy sneak a gun into camp or was this an officially sanctioned firearm at the camp that was involved in an accidental shooting?

Well, according to the NRA, he was prepared. Guns keep people so safe.

Yeah the Darwin Badge

But he kept himself PURE for Gawd and Country!

And That is why so few scouts hold the coveted ‘Russian Roulette’ badge.

At the local Boy Scout camp that my son twice attended (he quit two years ago at 11 because of the organizations stance on gays and Scouting), they have a rifle range for the archaic Marksman merit badge.