Discussion: Planned Parenthood Prez: 'Generous' To Call GOP Questioning A Hearing

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From what I’ve seen, it was a Witch Hunt where the Witch Hunters set each other on fire far more.


More wasted time and money. Trying to take away health care from women, trying to discourage women from using services that are legally available and necessary. Oh, my - we need less of this and more discussion that moves us forward.


Certainly nobody on the GOP side “heard” anything she had to say.


There finally is a truly disgusting Planned Parenthood video -
footage of ignorant GOP CONgressmen at "Hearings."


This stunt backfired big time. I can’t wait to hear what PP’s donation total was yesterday. We all know about the $1M from one donor. I chipped in as well as I am sure many others did. Ann deserves it just for having to be in same room as these creeps.

If you did not donate to PP yesterday, do yourself a favor and send a few dollars their way. It will make you feel better.


once more the Republican men prove there isn’t an actual war on women… as long as they know their place and serve as brood mares…


The GOP should hold these types of hearings in Salem Massachusetts. They could just as well conduct the Benghazi hearings there also.


The questions weren’t sexist. But they would not have been asked had she not been female. I think the fact she was a woman the reason the questioning took the tenor it did. She should have protested the mess abusive and walked out.

If you didn’t see the interview live with Rachel last night, be sure to watch the video, and be prepared to cringe when the pigs go into full woman hating mode. Richards is a terrific spokesperson for PP, has been for a long time, and that she’s her mother’s daughter comes through clearly.


The questions were so very disrespectful of a woman who’s got a CEO level position. She was asked a question about fetal tissue and video (can’t be more precise unless I saw it again), she gave a lucid, coherent answer refuting the convenient lies that have been created around the issue, and the congress critter’s response was to tell her she was only apologizing for having been caught. It was pretty disgusting. Yes, a donation is on the way from here.


Richards is absolutely correct. The panelists were very ill informed and rude. The hearing was a farce, but it illustrated how little GOPers know about health care delivery, particularly women’s health care.


The GOP clowns in this “hearing” probably went in thinking they were going to have one “gotcha” moment after another and bring PP down. However, there is a fatal flaw in this strategy. Gotcha moments won’t work, and most likely backfire if:

  1. The person being grilled has done nothing wrong
  2. The person being grilled is intelligent
  3. The person being grilled stands for something that is popular
  4. The person doing the grilling is a moron who is poorly informed (or misinformed).

Ms. Richards is one classy woman and she has incredible patience with extremely rude men.


She remained beautiful, calm, and informed throughout


Agree, but what I find frustrating is why she continued to try, why not just sit back and wait and wait. Eventually someone will ask “are you going to answer the question” then she could have responded “I was just waiting for the interruptions to stop before answering” and if she was interrupted when saying that she should have just stopped. If someone is being rude just to score points and to prepare one liners for their next ads why do you allow them. Call a witch hunt a witch hunt, why be polite to those not being polite or respectful to begin with it takes two so take yourself out and allow the other to sputter and sputter as long as they wish.


Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Now, Cardinal Chaffetz, you have to say “our chief weapons are…”

Ann Richards done good, didn’t she?


I doubt she could have done anything to make Chaffetz look worse than he did himself, and silence on her part would have just given him and the other asshats more opportunity to set up their straw man arguments.


Donations are up? See! That proves that we don’t need to fund Planned Parenthood with tax dollars!