Discussion: Pittsburgh Mayor Rejects Trump Citing The City To Support Climate Decision


"We don’t want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore, and they won’t be. They won’t be.”

So completely fucking wrong.


Thanks for fighting the good fight Mayor. We join two countries and a myriad of ratfkers (Rick Perry and Scott Pruit etal) in trying to destroy our country and our reputations. We will WIN!!!


Trump is such an uneducated asshole who thinks when he learns something new no one else has heard of it.

Pittsburgh already knows how well active climate control measures can work. From BuzzFeed:


I am currently in Europe, have been in a couple of countries. Believe me no one is laughing at us. They are all crying for the damage Trump has done to the USA and the world at large. They do, though laugh at Donald J Trump for his lack of knowledge, his ego, and his stupid, second grade bully behavior.


It really eats the GOP that the cities reject them. They’re reduced to pandering to losers in obsolete flyover country while the Dems actually get to make friendly with the industries that matter right now and will matter in the future.


Thanks for that.

I left Italy the day after Trump landed in Rome. Nobody was being ugly to us about Trump either, they mostly sympathized and were worried about Europe and themselves and us.

I am so glad I didn’t follow his act in Taormina but was there 3 weeks before him. I’m not sure I could have stood it having to follow that act.


Reportedly was for remain (same with Tilly)

His reason for being on ‘team Ivanka’ was that leaving the agreement, hobbled the U.S., as it related to future agreements.


An unfortunate note about today’s Pittsburgh, though: the air and water quality is still quite poor.
There are several industrial plants in the area that actively ignore environmental standards figuring (accurately) that it is cheaper to pay fines if they ever come than follow the EPA. The air in the city is downright awful due to fumes from the coke plant miles away if the wind is blowing a certain direction. A thermal inversion a few years ago made things very dangerous.
In the case of the water, the city privatized its water quality management. The private company then fired all of the scientists and changed treatment chemicals to cut costs without researching their impact. This caused an ongoing lead crisis. Additionally, the rivers are polluted badly if it rains because the sewage system needs a multi-billion-dollar overhaul.

If this is what things were like under Obama, I worry about the complete abandonment of EPA regulations to come. Pittsburgh’s story is not a case of bad being turned to good, it’s a story of small, committed improvements over a century that can easily be undone.


OT but look at this ad republicians are running against Jon Ossoff featuring Kathy Griffin UNBELIEVABLE

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Re: Perry



Gov. Brown is also traveling to China to begin his State’s own climate and trade negotiations as a means to circumvent the idiocy of our current regime in Washington. Republicans can stand on the sidelines if they wish, but the rest of us have work to do.


Many of my overseas friends have expressed their sympathy, telling me how sorry they are about President Trump. I steadfastly reply to them that they’re not nearly as sorry about it as I am.


This is reassuring. I’ve been assuming people in other countries understand how much of an aberration this man is and he’s not the people who work, raise families, have dreams for the future, but is simply a product of the Electoral College.


Bit more than that

Whether its by hook or by crook, Trump is term limited (knock on wood), but no one is gonna forget what 46% of the U.S. population did last year.

After all, it might happen again (knock on wood)


Trump’s idea of Pittsburgh is frozen in the distant past. it’s no longer Steel City; it’s a center of health care and robotic innovation. Let’s look to the future, not some pst that was far from idyllic.


I had Italians try to make me feel better by writing him off as another Berlusconi and I kept telling them, no, no he’s ever so much worse.

The most interesting encounter I had was in Palermo in the big open air fish and produce market. I was looking at a spice booth and this young guy came out and started talking to me about what everything was and his American was flawless so I said: you have to have spent time in the US, your American English is too good, and he said he was born in Boston and grew up there but had dual citizenship and decided to return to Palermo. I told him I was glad he had since things in the states weren’t going so well and he told me that he had voted in the election, and I thanked him, and he said: It was completely rigged you know. Completely. There’s going to be another war. I said yes I knew it was rigged and I really hoped there wasn’t going to be a war.

And thanked him again for voting. And said I sure wish I had dual citizenship.


We don’t want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore, and they won’t be. They won’t be.”

Didn’t he lift that line from Nigel Farage?


Mayor Peduto was wrong about one thing: Russia is still a participant in the Paris Accords. Other than that he was right about everything, especially about Drumpf being an (my words, not his) ass wipe.

Speaking of which, I wonder how long it’ll be before Comrade Cockholster files a trademark infringement lawsuit over these Mexican ass wipes.

The slogan reads: Softness Without Borders.


Trump’s brain lives in the 70s - or maybe in Reagan’s first term. He hasn’t learned anything since he turned 30 apparently. Republicans: curb your dog - you own this - you made it possible - now fix it.